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  • Land of the Jell-O Mold

    Our church is putting together a cookbook “fundraiser.” ?It really isn’t a fundraiser per-se. ?It was more that the kitchen/custodial staff wanted a cookbook and I volunteered I said that we needed to give the old ladies something to spend their money on and tell them it was going to a good cause. ?At the […]

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  • A good friday

    When I was growing up I attended a Pentecostal church. ?It wasn’t on a totally regular basis, but when I stayed with my Dad we would attend church with my grandparents and they happened to be Penecostal. ?From my experience in the Penecostal church holy week isn’t really celebrated. ?Easter yes, but things like Palm […]

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  • Don’t call it a vacation

    This weekend I’m spending a whole 3 nights away from my child. ?We’ve been planning this trip for a long time and the boy has known about it for a few weeks. ?All week long he has happily told his teachers 3-2-1 more sleep until I get to stay at Grammy & Papa’s for 4 […]

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  • You Capture: Expression

    Aren’t I all fancy. ?Two posts in less than 24 hours. ?I must be feeling better. ?Either that or it’s Thursday and time for You Capture. ?I thought about going all lazy on you and bagging it this week since I have taken approximately 6 photos in the last week. ?But that wouldn’t be very […]

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  • Jesus and the Biblical Flood

    If you happen to remember your basic Sunday School lessons Jesus and Noah did not live in the same time period.? Jesus wasn’t there when Noah was instructed to build a giant boat and herd animals onto it two by two.? Although, if they were to do it again on say… Easter Sunday both would […]