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  • Eat Local

    People who know us well know that the trusty husband and I are very much about sustainability.? This is particularly evident in our food choices.? This is one area of our budget that I am fairly unwilling to compromise.? Lucky for me I’ve found ways to stretch our food dollar so we can continue to […]

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  • Coolest program ever

    Yes, you get 2 posts from me today. ?I’ll be honest. ?I’ve been diligent about writing my posts a few days in advance and setting them up to post early in the morning. ?This way I can post stuff when I’m thinking about it. ?However, you get 2 today because I found the greatest program […]

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  • Thanksgiving 101

    Wow, I now realize that last year was the 10th year I’ve cooked Thanksgiving dinner. ?It all started because in 1998 we lived in Las Vegas and the trusty family said they thought it would be fun to have Thanksgiving in Vegas. ?The trusty MIL thought we’d just go to some restaurant for dinner. ?I […]

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  • Random

    I’m bored. ?This shouldn’t come to a shock to you. ?I’m often bored. ?That’s why I do so much stuff. ?Don’t get me wrong. ?It’s not that I don’t have any thing to do. ?My list is a mile long of stuff that needs to get done, but who really wants to do the things […]

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  • Mommy Wars: are you serious?

    It all started a year ago when I was enjoying my breakfast.? Behind me on the TV there was a commercial playing.? I guy on the screen walking around a grocery buck naked talking about the benefits of sugar.? Really?? We are to the point where we are freely advertising something that is making us […]