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  • Mid-life crisis

    So ?it think I’m going through a mid-life crisis. ?Ha! I bet you thought I’d bring this up January didn’t you? ?Trick’s on you. ?I’ve been writing multiple posts at night an scheduling them to auto post at 3 a.m. every day. ?Truth be told… all of this mid-life crisis stuff started popping up in […]

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  • Feeling Thrifty

    In general I hate thrift stores. ?There is the exception of the used clothing store downtown that I find utterly fascinating, but have never purchased things from. ?I find second hand clothing (from someone I don’t know) blicky. ?I would like to think that most places wash the clothing prior to putting it out, but […]

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  • So that worked out well

    About once a year I seriously mess up my website.? This year was no exception.? I just didn’t expect it to happen on the 3rd day of the year.? You see… WordPress has this handy feature that tells you when there is an upgrade.? It has even gotten so handy to add in an automatic […]

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  • I suck at gifts

    More specifically, I suck at gifts for my husband. ?Which is odd because I love to give gifts and I love my husband. ?You would think it would be easy. ?Trouble is… he has expensive taste. ?I don’t purchase him clothing that often because odds are he’ll return what I purchase. ?He outright told me […]

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  • White & Nerdy

    According to my Dad’s side of the family… ok, all of my family, white & nerdy pretty much describes me to the T. ?I am pretty pasty and I did teach myself how to code websites. ?In fact, I married Mr. White & Nerdy and adopted Jr. White & Nerdy. ?If it weren’t for my […]