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  • Living Gardening

    *cross posted at Sprouting Off A few months ago a woman approached the boys (the nursery boys, not my boys…although they are my boys too) about the possibility of running a Living Social deal.  I had been harping on them about running a Groupon deal until I read an article about the pitfalls for small […]

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  • Flajerol

    We have a new game to play. ?The boy sometimes gets words a little wrong and came up with this one this afternoon. ?Actually it was Frajerol, but I wasn’t paying attention when I did my little graphic so it’s Flajerol. ?Anyway, when he said it the trusty husband and I started laughing and thought […]

  • I say it then you do it
  • Children and restaurants

    During our corporate friends recent visit we took them to Etta’s.? This is one of Tom Douglas’s many restaurants in Seattle.? (For those unfamiliar, Tom Douglas is a well known Seattle chef with a slew of fantastic restaurants and he is best known for his Crab Cakes.? I now know why.)? Etta’s is a casual […]

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  • Go Local

    I’m not sure if this is a Tacoma thing or if other cities in the country have the Go Local bug.? From my own personal observation it seems to be that my city is very local-centric.? I love that about my city.? Of course Tacoma has a long an torrid past.? It used to be […]

  • Depression
  • Long term effects unknown

    I get lots of comments and emails from people saying that I might want to seek help from my mental health professional and possibly have her prescribe a bit of the joy in pill form. If you’ve been around awhile you’ll notice that I’m a little afraid of the doctor. This includes my mental health […]