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  • Cat Stalker

    I am still working through photos of China. ?Don’t worry, I’ll post some… eventually. In other news… I’ve once again started stalking the local humane society website. ?If you weren’t aware I did this for 2 year prior to us getting Busy, the dog… gah! ?We all really wanted a dog, the trusty husband wanted […]

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  • A rough day

    Today I did one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. ?Pretty much second only to losing Alexander. ?I had to make the choice to put my sweet kitty to sleep. By myself. You see… Derek is out of town. ?He won’t be home until tomorrow night and odds were kitty wouldn’t […]

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  • Crazy Cat Lady

    Warning: as of this writing I am on my 3rd shot of gin. ———————————— If you come to my house you will be greeted with a few things. ?The first is my crazy dog. ?Once you get past her (if this is your first time visiting) you will be offered a drink and then shown […]

  • Busy
  • My Little Piggy

    Last weekend we were able to get out and enjoy the sunny weather. ?We took Busy for a walk at Chambers Bay and the sun was just starting to set (at all of 3:30 in the afternoon). ?By the time we got to the half way point of our 2 1/2 ?mile walk we stopped […]

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  • Fierce

    I run the risk of jumping the shark and being dubbed the crazy cat lady with this one, but I couldn’t resist. She always seems to find the way to squeeze her fat ass into any little spot.? Especially if there is paper involved. Her coy look. Smiling with her eyes.? Watch out Tyra Banks.

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  • Help me oh wise internets

    I’m in a bit of a parenting pickle.? My child.? Oh my child.? He needs a sibling so badly.? Or at least someone (besides me) to play with on a regular basis.? He now thinks our cats are his best mates.? Mates as in friends.? Dear lord I’ve been watching too much BBC America. Anyway.? […]

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  • The mid month mark

    I haven’t thrown my computer out of the window yet, but today starts my 2 weeks of monthly work so we’ll see. We’ve hit the mid month mark on this MoFoBloPo* (NaBloPoMo) thing and this is the point where I start to ask myself why. I can’t even cheat and throw out a post I’ve […]

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  • My own personal Greek tragedy

    Yes the boy is getting physically better. Thank you for asking. However, I still want to sell him on Ebay this week. Due to the illness he is milking it for all it is worth and everything is the worst thing that could possibly happen to him. Call 911! he got a puzzle piece stuck […]

  • Fat & Dumb
  • If Mike Tyson were a cat

    We got home from the store the other night and I noticed something on the ear of one of our cats. Upon closer inspection I discovered it was dried blood. Evidently our cats had a little argument while we were out buying them cat food. J, our dumb male cat, probably pissed I, our fat […]