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  • Best holiday since February 1st

    Around this house we celebrate the unconventional holidays. ?I don’t care for holidays like New Years (unless you count this new years) or 4th of July (another stay up late for no reason holiday). ?I do like Christmas and mah birthday (for the presents). ?The best holidays in this house are the not so normal […]

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  • Happy with a side of turtle shell

    Not to self: don’t post poignant stuff on Fridays. ?I should also add to that post, among the sobbing that the child said, “I just really wanted a mom and a dad.” ?Doesn’t that just break your heart? ?I’m still slightly disturbed by the whole incident. Moving on. After 2 years of seeing my acupuncturist […]

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  • You Capture: Sweet

    Believe it or not I’m taking this one?literally. ?Or maybe it is just that I don’t want to be like the masses and work every theme into a photo of my child. ?Not that he isn’t sweet. ?That was my original plan, to take a photo of him, but I couldn’t come up with anything […]

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  • That blog thing

    Oh right!? I have a blog.? I forgot about that old chestnut.? Actually, unlike 3 million Americans I have actual work.? The kind where I perform a service and people give me money.? The bonus is that I get to keep my clothes on… but I still do it in front of a computer.? Want […]

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  • Basking in the glow

    Everyone has hounded me to buy one of those light therapy things if I’m not going to take medication for my SAD.? I’ve avoided it mostly because I’m lazy and didn’t have the attention span to sit down and find one.? When I did start looking all I found were horribly expensive gigantic boxes of […]

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  • Let me explain

    I feel the need to take a moment to explain a little bit about my depression.? I’ve mentioned before what I have is called Seasonal Affective Disorder.? It is an extremely treatable form of depression (if you live somewhere like Arizona).? Sadly (or not so sadly) I don’t live in Arizona.? I live in Washington.? […]

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  • Verge of tears

    For the past two weeks I have been right on the verge of tears.? For no particular reason really.? No major life traumas (well unless you count that I turn 32 in 3 days thing).? It isn’t a “hormonal” time for me.? My craptastic day was Tuesday before last.? That one where I wanted to […]