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  • Business question for you

    One of the top stories in today’s local paper is about a potential new coffee shop opening up in the town next to ours. ?Just for clarification we live in a suburb of Tacoma, WA which is about 30 minutes south of Seattle (home of Starbucks). ?The town next to ours is this little “island” […]

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  • A few polls for you

    Normally I only poll readers for truffle flavors. ?They were a bit overdone back in the day, but these two topics warrant the opinions of the internets. ?*and then my polls widget went and stopped working so now you have to leave a comment (it’s a ploy really)* Topic #1: The boy’s room I’ve been […]

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  • Mommy Wars: are you serious?

    It all started a year ago when I was enjoying my breakfast.? Behind me on the TV there was a commercial playing.? I guy on the screen walking around a grocery buck naked talking about the benefits of sugar.? Really?? We are to the point where we are freely advertising something that is making us […]

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  • Ill prepared

    You hear all of these rumors about how it rains 365 days a year here in the northwest right.? Then the Californians move here and they screw it all up by telling everyone that, “no, it’s really nice here.”? Damn them all.? We tell people it rains all year long to keep the Californians away.? […]

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  • Land of Lost Dreams

    There were so many times during the adoption process that I didn’t think that we’d ever make it through. Somehow I kept going. I kept praying, hoping, wishing and dreaming. As of late my life has become the land of lost dreams. I seem to have lost my ability to dream. We aren’t talking about […]

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  • Evolutionary Science

    You’ve heard me talk about that fact that I live with a card carrying anthropologist, right? I know I have. It is a curse and a gift wrapped up into a giant 6’4″ package that calls himself the eventual ruler of the world. Moreover, he just proclaims that things will be different when he rules […]

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  • Stripping individuality

    Besides the heat in California I notice one thing.? Sameness.? Every street corner is the same.? The landscape, wholly uninteresting.? A drug store, grocery store and a Starbucks in every shopping complex.? I’m not joking on the Starbucks.? I think there are more Starbucks in the City of Sacramento than the entire state of Washington. […]

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  • Did the feminists make us fat?

    For the record, those are my brother’s sunglasses.? I would never own a pair of sunglasses that horrid.? You can’t see them, but my own sunglasses are on my head.? And no, they aren’t cheapy aviators. As only Suzanne can do she sucked me into reading one of the best books since Freakonomics.? The book […]

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  • Family planning*

    I originally set out to write about that my son is a total and utter klingon these days.? Other mothers were jealous at my child’s ability to play by himself for long stretches of time.? So well that I was able to get things done, like laundry, if the mood so struck me.? Not now.? […]