Cat Stalker

I am still working through photos of China. ?Don’t worry, I’ll post some… eventually.

In other news…

I’ve once again started stalking the local humane society website. ?If you weren’t aware I did this for 2 year prior to us getting Busy, the dog… gah! ?We all really wanted a dog, the trusty husband wanted to rescue one, we ended up getting one as a gift. ?Funny how that works out.

If you are friends with the trusty husband on Facebook you will know that our other cat died while I was in China. ?Please recall I had to put my baby girl to sleep on June 28th. ?On July 19th Julius unexpectedly died in the hallway of our house. ?The trusty husband was supposed to be taking him to the vet later that morning.

We suspect he may have had some sort of cancer. ?He had lost a ton of weight, constantly threw up, but we weren’t in time to diagnose the problem. ?Odds are we couldn’t have afforded the treatment anyway.

The crappy part about the whole thing is that I was gone when it happened. ?The trusty husband was out of town when Kitty died. ?One for me and one for him I guess. ?Since the moment is past I don’t have a sappy post to write about this particular cat. ?I had him longer than I’ve been married to the trusty husband. ?If that doesn’t say something about our relationship I’m not sure what else will. ?He had a stupid purr and loved bacon.

With both of my cats gone there is this giant hole in our house. ?I haven’t been without a cat in 15 years. ?Before that I had my previous cat for 16 or 17. ?Only 2 or 3 years out of 34 of my life have I been cat-less. ?When Kitty died we said we wouldn’t get another one until Julius died. ?We just didn’t expect him to die 3 weeks later. ?I think he just didn’t want to live without his partner.

The problem with us getting new cats is Busy. ?She’s slightly high strung. ?We’re afraid of her mauling two baby kitties. ?Now before you go and say, “well, adopt older cats,” you have to realize how much I love baby kitties. ?LUUURRRVVE them. ?The snuggly and meww and cute and GAH! ?I’m not sure how long I can wait before I say screw it and go pick up a kitten or 12.

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  2. I’m going to post a video on my blog for you that will remove all doubt.

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