Captain Smartypants

So we’re driving along in Seattle one day minding our own business, as we’re apt to do and I spot a advertisement on the side of a building.  What struck me was the large print upon the poster.  It read "Captain Smartypants."  In smaller print was "Trousers of Terror."  A little snicker there?  I thought so.  Go google Captain Smartypants and you will laugh even harder. 

I proclaimed to D that he would now be referred to as Captain Smartypants.  I had been trying to find a good name to refer to him as in the blog-o-sphere.  Captain Smartypants was perfect!  Why?  Because the man knows just about everything there is to know.

On a daily basis CS’s co-workers come and stand in his doorway to ask him random questions.  They aren’t even work related questions half the time.  If a random family member has a question they need an answer to do they do like the rest of us and look it up on the internet?  Noooo.  They call Captain Smartypants.  You could be telling him a big long story about how you saw something on TV, read it in the paper or on the internet and he already knows about it.  Take for example an upcoming movie starring Samuel L. Jackson.  I can’t even mention the name of the movie because I don’t want to be googled and thus associated as one of those bloggers that is perpetuating the stupidity of such a film.  So I am watching Dateline the other night and they are talking about how bloggers are going crazy over this movie, but I hadn’t heard of such a thing.  Yeah, yeah… I live under a rock.  So CS gets home and I asked him if he had heard of this movie.  His reply, "yes."  How the hell does he know about such a menial and stupid thing?  The man knows every. thing.

I live with a walking encyclopedia!  So yes, D will heretofore be known as Captain Smartypants on this particular blog. 

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