Canning from the couch

Most days I nap from about 1:30 or 2 to about 3:00. It happens to be about the time Derek walks up to the bus stop to get the boy. Yesterday was no exception. I was mostly sound asleep when they came home. It was probably a good thing.

I woke up and wandered into the kitchen. “Where the hell did we get a giant box of tomatoes… in February?”

Yep, there was a restaurant sized case of tomatoes on my kitchen counter. I momentarily thought I had a seizure while I was adjusting the weekly vegetable box and ordered a case of tomatoes. Nope. Our neighbor decided he wanted to make salsa.

Our neighbor isn’t your normal kinda guy. He is the king of excess. Oddly it’s what we love about him. Nato wanted fresh salsa so instead of being a normal person and going to the grocery to purchase tomatoes he went to the restaurant supply grocery and purchased a case of tomatoes.

The neighbor family is leaving for vacation on Saturday so naturally they pawned the remainder of the case of tomatoes off on us.


Seriously? What the hell am I going to do with a case of tomatoes? From my couch? I looked at Derek and said, “well, I guess I could make tomato sauce.” What I really wanted to do was to huck them at Nato’s house, but seeing as he lives 4 houses down and I don’t know if I can walk that far that plan was scrapped.

He thought that tomato sauce was a good idea, but he said, “canning it will be the problem.” True. Making the actual tomato sauce is easy. Whiz round tomatoes in the blender, cook it until reduced. Even I can do that. I’m not sure I can stand long enough to can what looks to make about 2 cases of tomato sauce.

I’m just going to have to teach Derek to can… from the couch. It can be done right? Please tell me it can be done.

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  1. mom says: Reply

    Ssh… Derek, tell her they got the black mold plague.

  2. Wendy says: Reply

    Hmm, I am sure he can do it, but the entire process might be detrimental to your health! I have one word of advice. Freeze. Freeze the sauce…..

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