Can you guess where Elle is going?

Thank you for all of your comments on the boy’s lack of socialization. It doesn’t bother me that he does not play with other children. I am very aware that most toddler do parallel play. The concern comes from what appears to be a fear of other children. Like he won’t go near them. I do think though that Tuesday’s incident had something to do with the fact that it was a new park. Yesterday we went to the zoo and he ran around like a crazy kid and loved it. So I’m not overly worried about it.

I’ve also started getting emails and comments from people that they’ve received their chocolates. Glad you guys are liking them. I think they are a little better if you keep them in the fridge. Same with the caramels. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to try the mocha ones. Like I said, I don’t eat any until the last box is packaged. When I got to the end I was all out of Mocha. Bummer. But I did have lots of Grand Marnier, and Dk. Chocolate left and those are my favs!

To answer Tacoma Chickadee’s question as to who this other Chickadee I refer to is: It is Kathou’s little girl. I started calling her Chickadee while we were in Russia. Kathou refers to her as Chickpea, but that name has a special connotation in our house so she goes by Chickadee here. I prefer not to post photos of my friend’s children unless they give me permission. I have lots of cute photos of the two of them, but have never asked Kathou if I could post them.

The Trusty Husband purchased plane tickets for us to take our first family “vacation.” It isn’t so much a vacation as he’s going for work and we are tagging along. I am extra excited about this trip because I get to see some people I only see about once a year and get to meet a blogger for the first time.

In honor of this little excursion I thought we’d play a little trivia game. Can you guess where Elle is going? If I have previously told you where we are going or you are one of the ones we are going to visit you are ineligible. Here are your clues:

  • one third of the residents live in one area
  • the state bird is the name of a hockey team on the cartoon Chilly Beach
  • they have the largest national forest
  • the four-spot skimmer dragonfly is the state insect
  • the forget-me-not is the state flower
  • the state flag was designed by a 13 year old boy
  • a southern city is home of a famous “0” mile post
  • the first settlers to this area are of our family heritage
  • Best of luck to you. The winners may receive their choice of a boy original painting or an autographed photo of Gadsby my Gnome. Although Gadsby doesn’t write so I might have the boy scribble on the photo.

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    1. Amy says: Reply

      Is it Alaska?

      My friend was very impressed with the chocolates, thank you so much! Next year I’m going to order some for myself.

    2. NEAL says: Reply

      And google sez:

    3. Elle says: Reply

      Google. That’s cheating!

    4. M- says: Reply

      I got Alaska too, but I’m going to narrow it down to Anchorage? And thank you for the chocolates, they were divine as always!

    5. You get to meet Rhonda! You must be going to Alaska! How fun!

    6. Carrie says: Reply

      Your coming to Alaska! Too cool!! Sounds like you’ll be in Anchorage though so we won’t get to meet up. I can’t see Zman springing for airfare so I can meet a blogging buddy.

    7. Carrie says: Reply

      Oh, The chocolates are divine! The mochas are particularly tasty. Not that my diet allows me to eat one…so I had two!

    8. mom says: Reply

      I know! I know! But I won’t tell.

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