Calling me on it

Scene: the grocery

Elle: oh, hey.? We need to get graham crackers.

Boy: Why do we need graham crackers?

Elle: Because we’re out.

Boy: Oh.? I like graham crackers.? I like them with butter.

Elle: Butter?? Who puts butter on graham crackers?

Boy: Babada.

Elle: Gross.

A few minutes pass

Boy: Mommy, we don’t say gross about food.? And we don’t say gross about butter.


Did you buy chocolate yet?? And yes, I will houd you every day until you buy.

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  1. Your son has a point. Buttered grahams are nummy.

    Will it hurt when you houd me?

  2. mom says: Reply

    We love butter and graham crackers! You tell her O! I love you guys sooooooooooo much!

  3. Ha, that is funny. The other day, Iliya caught me, chewing on a pen as I was deep in thought. I didn’t even notice he was in the room with me until I heard, “Mommy, we don’t eat pens. We eat food.” Those kids….

  4. One of my favorite snacks! Can only do it when no one else is home because, you know… ew.

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