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I really try not to be the kind of person who pressures people into buying things. And if you ever hear the story from Kathou about me swindling her into buying a very pretty Coach handbag it is false. False I tell you.

I don’t push my adoption agency on people (cute photo of the boy on pg 15 in the photo album), I only mention products on this site if it something that I really really like and I don’t sell ad space (my to the trusty husband’s chagrin). Although you never know… that may change some day.

If you see an ad or banner or something on my site it is because it is something that I feel very passionate about or something that I really do think the whole world needs. For the longest time I had an ad for Not Showing. Sorry I haven’t put it back up Wendy. I keep forgetting. I am the one who contacted Wendy Rodger and asked her for her logo so I could post it on my site.

So for the last few months the only ad has been that for Sweet Hope. (Today is the last day to order. Did you order yet? You better order now. I’m only $300 shy of my goal. You could help another adoptive family. You know you want to.) But, today I found the rockin’ banner Chou-Chou had for (RED).

If your don’t know about (RED), it is companies way of getting the much needed anti-retroviral AIDS drugs to those who need them most, millions of people in Africa. You buy (RED) stuff, the company uses part of their profits to buy the drugs and the people who need the drugs get them. Easy. The list is small of (RED) companies, and frankly I don’t really need an Armani watch. But, I do need new clothes and I luuves me some Gap. And who can pass up shoes. If I didn’t already have an iPod and Razr phone I would go out and buy those too. However, Amex would laugh in my face should I try to apply for a card with them.

The point is, the more people buy from these 6 companies the more likely it is that other manufacturers will get the hint and join the campaign. The more that join the campaign, the more products available and the more people buying the products. The more people buying the products the more people getting the drugs they so desperately need. Again, easy.

Another way you can support those with AIDS is to participate in Dining out For Life Night. This is something the trusty husband and I have been doing for a while now. You need to eat dinner, right? Eating out is fun, right? On April 26th (in most areas) go to a participating restaurant. A portion of the restaurant’s proceeds goes to local AIDS mission projects. The money raised in an area stays in the area.

Oh yeah… did you order your chocolates yet?

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  1. Kathou says: Reply

    Ha! I can distinctly remember a soft voice saying “oh come on get it, it’s pretty and it’s purple.!.!.!” oh wait a minute that was my evil voice.. :o)

  2. Rhonda says: Reply

    I love the idea that we can buy things and contribute to AIDS victims in Africa at the same time. My heart goes out to those in Africa who are suffering. Is it just me, or do they seem largely ignored by the world? Particularly the children?

  3. DebiP says: Reply

    SOrry that I did not get to respond yesterday…my new mantra “get to Elle’s blog everyday!!” Great entry…giving to others to get things for others…what a cool idea…someday when I get better at blogging…I am going to learn about links and the like…I am ordering chocolates but not in time for moms day..but soon…BTW I bet you will get loads of needing of your fortunes once adoptions start up again in Russia and get on track in China and Guat. It is a great thing you are doing never forget it

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