Butt Mama, Butt

My child is still grappling with the English language. When we got him he didn?t speak much Russian, but began to learn English quickly. His first word in English was Bubbles. This progressed to All Done (his favorite) and a myriad of other words, a list to long to name.

I was sitting at my desk the other day and I could hear my son wandering through the house saying, “Butt, Butt, Butt.” Sometimes his words sound like other things. Take for instance Hock-uh and Hockey. Which do you think is Hockey and which do you think is cookie. Hockey is cookie. Which are actually crackers since we trick him with that one. Well back to the butt. So I am looking at my sweet innocent child and thinking to myself, where the heck did you learn butt?

CS comes home that night and I tell him that his child was wandering around the house saying “butt.” CS replies, “Well that?s because I tell him ?on your butt please? when he is in the bathtub.” I buy that, but only slightly. The boy rarely uses a word out of context. He wasn?t pointing to his butt, nor had he fallen on his butt.

So this afternoon I am once again working away and I hear, “Butt Mamma, butt.” Into my office comes my little angel carrying a book. AHH Butt!

He does the same thing to CS after dinner tonight and of course my smart ass as of a husband decides to play along. “ok, lets go read the butt.” Man I am going to pay for a lot of therapy for this child.

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