But Mommy, I love you

The child has been particularly annoying lately. ?I’m not sure if it is the age or the fact that we have spent the past 3 months solid together and it’s getting to me. ?I blame a little of both. ?This round of annoyingness is clingy. ?Don’t get me wrong. ?I like to have the little bugger around. ?He’s cute. ?It’s just that he has to be by my side almost 24 hours a day. ?Thankfully he lets me sleep on my own. ?If I take a shower, he plays in his bedroom. ?If I go out to check the mail, he follows me. ?If I sit down for 2 seconds at my computer, he is right there. ?Usually he has to touch me or make unrealistic demands. ?I’m just starting to make dinner and he chooses that second to start asking if I can get a book or toy down that was previously taken away. ?I sit down to read maybe one page in a book and he’s there asking me to help him find a miniscule little plastic pen cap. ?I take time to watch a movie with him and when we are done he tells me he’s going to write down the words he just learned. ?Fantastic! ?I pick up my book. ?2 seconds later, mommy, I don’t know how to spell that word. ?I don’t want to quash his learning so I stop and help him.

This is the point that most of you are saying, “yes, that is motherhood.” ?Especially stay-at-home motherhood. ?I will whole heartedly agree. ?I signed up for this gig. ?Trouble is, I’m tired. ?Oh so very tired. ?We have been thrown curve ball after emotional curve ball since the end of July. ?I have yet to have the time to sit back and decompress. ?Once I think I might get a little bit of time, I have to wipe a butt, get a snack, read a book, tell him no he cannot play in the sprinkler because it is 65 degrees outside.

The past month has been an endless stream of work, potential work, house issues, money issues and general things to do. ?I’m so looking forward to school starting (it doesn’t start until the 8th for us), but until then I have 2 major projects due basically at the same time. ?Now.

So I feel guilty when I ask the child to give me 2 minutes. ?Let me finish this train of thought before I get you that snack. ?Because if I don’t mommy might go to the store without pants on. ?His response, “but mommy, I love you.”

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  1. mom says: Reply

    Retirement is on the horizon! Happily giving me time to help with your escapes from mommyhood. Woot!

  2. Liv says: Reply

    They learn the techniques of the guilt trip early don’t they.

  3. Lauren says: Reply

    I sometimes will say wait just a minute to help teach patience. I was doing the same as you and being at every beck and call but then I thought she is going to think this is the way it is in life. You ask and you receive immediately and that is soooo not how it is.

  4. Michele says: Reply

    While I don’t have a child, this post reminds me of my husband. When he gets home, it’s “come outside and look at this zucchini,” “make some tea,” “watch me throw the ball with the dogs,” “let’s go on a walk,” “I want some chips,” “show me all the details of how you’re restoring the windows again,” “what do you think we’ll grow next year,” “how should we design the greenhouse next year,” “does this plant look wilty,” “look at that crow,” “check out that acorn squash.” When I finally get to go back in the house at 7:00, it’s “why isn’t supper ready?”

  5. Lauri says: Reply

    Livi says the same thing..

    she will be.. Mom..Mom.. mom… as if the house is on fire.. and I am ” what is it”.

    Then she says “I love you”

  6. MIL says: Reply

    OK, picture yourself in a child’s shoes – he/she is totally dependent on the adults in his/her life for food, a place to sleep, someone to give the assuring “OK” when the nighttime looms large, someone who keeps the outside world “under control” so he/she feels safe, a person to kiss the boo-boos better & to be there EVERY DAY no matter what happens. He/she quickly learns how very important adults are, so lots of time is spent checking in with moms, dads, grandparents, babysitters, pre-school teachers, etc. Time is relative – after all, how long does it take to say the 4 most beautiful words any one of us can ever hear: “but I love YOU!” Yeh, it’s tuff to be “on call” 24-7-365 . . . . . after all, you are investing in a lifetime of “but I love you”s. That’s the gift of the child letting you know you are (and will continue to be his/her whole life) the person that can be counted on to be there when life gets complicated, exciting, boring, scarey – ’cause that’s how he/she knows without a doubt that YOU love right back! Need a little timeout from being the center of a little one’s universe? Call your mom!! MIL

  7. Jenni says: Reply

    I so understand you on this one! My kids, as much as I love them, were driving me crazy this summer. I’m glad to have them back in school, so they can be around their peers more and we won’t get on each others nerves so much.

    But since I’m teaching kindergarten this year, I now have 30 kids asking me to tie their shoes, help them open their snack and solve their problems with other children! At least it’s a paying gig. 😉

  8. I’m hearing Sabrina say to me “I’m busy” a lot lately. I know she is repeating what she hears me say and oy vey the guilt but really sometimes you do need to finish a thought (or changing a diaper) before you can grant the wish of a 3 yr old, right?

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