I’m sorry I don’t have any photos of dog or child for you today. ?I had a meeting first thing this morning, showed off the dog at preschool, came home to make lunch and then my friend Rai walked in the door at 1:00 and I’ve been laughing and having fun with her and her awesome kids all afternoon.

Rai and I spent the afternoon elbow deep in candy and trying to find a name for the dog. ?Her first suggestion was Sarah. ?That was quickly vetoed. ?I won’t go through the list of names suggested because it is at least 5 hours worth. ?I should start by saying that we have very specific criteria for naming our animals. ?The cats are Julius Caesar (aka Dumb) and Isis (aka Fat). ?Julius was names on a drunken dare. ?Isis, we poured over animal name books for hours in Borders one night trying to find the right name. ?While her name is technically Isis, we call her Kitty, Keeska, Fat Kitty, Fat, Titi, Baby Girl and anything but her name. ?Julius is usually called Bubba Dog. ?Needless to say our pets end up with nicknames. ?We won’t name animals people names. ?I don’t want someone going, “oh! my sister is named Sarah.” ?As a kid we had a dog named Chelsea because my dad loved that name. ?He later ended up naming my sister Chelsea.

Pet names need to be unique and fit the personality of the animal. ?I also don’t like cutesy names. ?While Puddles was a good name, it was too cutesy. ?Although, I love the name Mr. Muggles from the dog in Heroes. ?It is fitting for that dog. ?I once had a boss in Kansas City who had a Pomeranian. ?His name was Quick. ?Best. dog. name. evah!

I don’t name animals after famous people. ?While Julius Caesar was a famous person, he was more of a historical figure. ?I do like foreign names, but a pet’s name MUST be unique.

The short list of names (we started writing them down) ended up being Keats, Harlow, Marlo, Christmas (which was Rai’s suggestion and I wasn’t sold on), Sobaka (nicknamed Baka), Misha and Mishka. ?The trusty husband vetoed most of them. ?Rai and I were totally sold on Sobaka. ?Which is actually Dog in Russian. ?Until we got to thinking about it. ?If we called a dog Baka people would think her name was Chewbaca. ?Um, no. ?Christmas was not my choice. ?I liked G’s suggestion of Holly or Ivy better, but Holly is a people name and Derek said no on Ivy.

I’m not sure how it came about, but we were throwing out names and I said, “Busy.” ?If you watch Private Practice you will recognize it. ?We did not come by it after last week’s episode, but rather that the stories told about Busy were that she was a busy body. ?I fell in love with it. ?She looks like a Busy. ?Both the boy and his buddy Issaac agreed that her name was Busy.

The trusty husband wasn’t 100% convinced so we kept suggestion other names. ?The other name we came up with was Fosse. ?I threw it out there and both the boy and Issaac proclaimed, “NO BUSY!” ?Thus, the dog is now named Busy.

Our first night went well. ?She slept in her crate, but would only do so with the door open. ?If we closed it she would cry. ?Even if we were sitting there. ?The cats are not exactly happy with us, but they are adjusting. ?Busy has had a few warning shots on the nose from Julius. ?She will learn. ?The cats will not let her into our bedroom which is where her most prized possession is… daddy’s shoes. ?We are working on potty training and are very thankful for the wood floors. ?There was one minor accident in my car while waiting for the boy to get out of Preschool. ?Nothing a little upholstery cleaner can’t handle.

She is mostly a very quiet little girl. ?She is very busy and thinks the Christmas tree is a treasure trove of balls. ?It is far too cold right now to do any proper playing outside and we haven’t puppy proofed the yard yet so she is only ever out on a leash. ?In the coming weeks we’ll work on training and getting her more comfortable with the leash so we can start walks. ?We were not anticipating a puppy so this is a bit of an adjustment. ?We were very worried about having a dog in the house. ?What would it do to our family dynamic, the cats, our time, etc. ?It is going really well. ?I think it helps that I am feeling really good emotionally.

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  1. Nancy in Redmond, WA says: Reply

    My last dog was named Calypso….

  2. Lena says: Reply

    Great name! I love it!

  3. I remember training rory, it took about 2 months. It was a long 2 months. Advice, have her always sleep in her crate. We left rory with brian one weekend and came home to her on the bed..it sucked. the crate was always best!

  4. good name! 🙂

  5. Jenni says: Reply

    I like it! I worked at a pet hospital for 5 years, and that ruined many pet names for me. There are so many cliche’s out there!

    But I bet there isn’t one other “Busy.”

    Good name.

  6. Joel413 says: Reply

    You know.. I’m just now realizing you yelled at the cat last night by saying, “Julius Ceasar’s Ghost!”

    Now I’m laughing.

  7. Andrea says: Reply

    I love the name Busy! I hear you about the name thing; I take naming pets so very seriously. Even my fish were not named frivolously.

    Sounds like she will be a perfect fit.

  8. Lauren says: Reply

    That is a great name. Our dog’s name is Smalls as in “you’re killin me Smalls” from the movie The Sandlot. Before he was named I just kept saying he was killing me about so many different things and it stuck. He is also small as in a Yorkie small so it worked all the way around. Busy is very cute too.

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