Bring on Fall

We woke up to a little bit of fog this morning. Not surprising as our weather as of late has been cool and often rainy. This time of year it should be sunny and 80. Nine months of solid rain usually brings us 3 months of drought. Most people who move up here from California hate the weather, but us Northwesterners feel right at home.

I’m the kind of person who has the toughest time answering the “What season is your favorite?” on those getting to know you emails that get endlessly passed around. Trouble is, I love every season. Or the beginning of every season that is. By mid-August I’m ready for the cooler weather, the rainy afternoons and the beautiful yellows our trees turn. I love to watch the golds and browns of the Big Leaf Maples poke out from between the Dougfirs. Pierce county is home to groves of old oak trees and I crack the window while driving down the freeway to smell the rich aroma from the falling leaves. Around mid-November the rain has set in and I’ve forgotten to sweep the plum leaves off my front walk and they become a matted slippery mess of yuck. I don’t have the energy to take care of it. If we are lucky January or February will bring us just a little bit of snow to play in, but I get cranky when it melts because the rain is the one to carry our snow away. In its wake it leaves a muddy nasty mess. My shoes get wet, my hair looks like crap and the sky is oh so very gray. Sometime in March little pansies arrive in the nurseries like little gems to brighten the damp ground. Spring bulbs poke their heads out of the soil and the first sign of color returns to our soggy little part of the world. Early May is alive with color, but too early to plant any of the summer garden crops or bring out the fuschias. Summer returns in early July just to have the cycle start all over again.

Today we had our first signs of Autumn. Fog. Crisp morning that will turn into a sunny and warm day. I knew it was coming and I smiled about it. I do this every year. This time I had a little one to enjoy the day with. We took a little nature walk and strolled through our neighborhood. I told the boy we were going to collect leaves. Armed with a basket we headed out. Unfortunately, the leaves haven’t really started to turn here yet. Our broad leaf evergreens are flagging a bit, but Rhododendron and Photina leaves don’t dry well. The only treasures we could find were Dougfir cones.

Elle: Oh, look honey. A pine cone.
Boy: oooo! Kinecone. In basket.
::Walk a bit further::
Boy: Leaf! *picks up a Linden leaf an puts it in the basket*
Elle: Look at that, another pinecone.
Boy: Ummm, too big.
::Walk to the end of the cul-de-sac and turn around. Happen upon the same pinecone from before::
Elle: Look, a pinecone. Don’t you want to put that in your basket?
Boy: Ummm, nope.
Elle: Why not?
Boy: too big. (like duh mom. that’s the same pinecone from before)

Gah, my kid is way too smart. Either that or I’m much dumber than my 2 year old. I do look forward to future nature walks and learning that he actually does know the botanical names for things. Look sweetie, a Dougfir tree. No mother, that would be Pseudotsuga menzeii. Get it right woman. Ahh, I love Fall.

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  1. DebiP says: Reply

    I love love love fall…got married in it…

    boys love to collect…my boys have buckets that we decorated all up and when they find misc things outside they can put it in there…they love it. Every once in awhile I go through it and the stuff they have collected some cool some just yuck…but overall fun. Welcome to mommyhood of a boy you will love it…it IS the best.

  2. I love the start of each season too, but then I am anxious to move on to the next one. I love living in places where the seasons change.

    I promise that 3 is so much better than 2. And 4 even better. I think those are the best years. 2 is just horrible for me. With every child it was like that. Just a little bit longer and you are home free.

  3. Thanks for that encouragement, Jeneflower! I’m currently living with a 2-year old from whiny hell, and he’s driving me to want to go back to work full time! I truly love my kids, but the 5 tantrums an hour are driving me crazy! “Mama do it” are the three most hated words right now. So much for toddler independence.

    Elle, you’re just trying to make me jealous of the weather! It cleared up here, but the mushrooms are bad enough that I don’t want Quin outside in our yard. It’s about 2pm, and I’m still waiting for the boy to get dressed, so he can eat lunch, so we can go to the park. Dressing before eating is required, other wise the tantrums are hideous instead of just horrible. (He did have a late morning snack, so he’s not starving.)

  4. Lee says: Reply

    Fall is my favorite too! I really miss that, living here in Sacramento Valley where it is in the 80’s and 90’s in….October! Huh? I want the fog, the crisp weather and leaves turning. Our leaves don’t really turn until the beginning of November. I still think it’s weird when it’s 65 and sunny on Thanksgiving, and I’ve been here 8 years!

  5. Ah, sorry for the venting up above; it’s been a LONG week of whining. I also love fall the best, and it’s way to short up in Alaska (although it has started already). The tundra is the best place to see the colors, and I miss Fairbanks for the ease of tundra access. The aurora was also much more visible up there, and it was great to walk through the crisp night air, hunting for good aurora viewing spots.

    For the record, Quin successfully put his clothes on, and is currently eating lunch. Gretchen is down for a much needed nap. It’s actually quiet enough to hear my own thoughts!

  6. Rhonda says: Reply

    I love fall too. I wish it lasted longer up here.

  7. Mom says: Reply

    Our falls in the great northwest are by far the most beautiful of all states. It’s my favorite season and I truly love the feel of the crisp, clean air in early mornings. Hate the gray though. I mean really hate it!!

  8. Jenny2 says: Reply

    September is my month. I pretend I’m going back to school….. and always get a new haircut, buy clothes and sign up for classes. Matter o’fact, I just signed up for a Photoshop class yesterday….. for no reason other than it’s a great time of the year to learn something new.

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