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It is currently 9:06 a.m. and I already want to sell my child on eBay.? I was fortunate enough to be able to sleep in this morning, but that’s where there the goodness stops.

My breakfast was less than satisfying.? I was deluding myself to think that the gluten free waffles that I complained about last time I bought them were better than the last time.? Damn you gluten free waffle company for changing your recipe.? I liked them just the way they were before.? And damn you even more for making the store put them on sale so people I would buy them.? 2 boxes even.

After breakfast my real trouble started.

We have a rule in our house that the boy MUST get dressed immediately after breakfast.? If he doesn’t we run the risk of him never getting dressed.? I know, I could just leave him in his PJs all day, but dammit if I have to get dressed so does he.? The other thing is he is required to get dressed by himself.? You know how long it took us to teach him the simple skill of getting dressed on his own?? A very long time.? I was determined to send my child to preschool with the ability to pull up his own pants.? Unfortunately, he seems to have forgotten that little part.? He now lacks the capacity to pull up his pants after peeing.

Sorry I got side tracked there.

So I told the boy to get dressed and he told me “no” and started backing away from me down the hall… thinking it was a game.? There are no two and three chances in our house.? It’s an all or nothing kind of thing.? I’m mean like that.? To which he proceeded to again tell me no and then started yelling at me.? I tried the ignor method.? That worked well… he just screamed louder.? I gave him another chance to get dressed when I reminded him of the consequences for not getting dressed.? He started, but then changed his mind.? Then more screaming.

It came down to me wrestling him into his clothing.? Then he started in on wanting to watch his father leave.? (it’s his thing)? I told him that he could not because he didn’t get dressed.? (don’t judge.? The process of consequences goes, if he dawdles getting dressed his father leaves and he misses the opportunity to watch him go.)? You would think that this was the end of the world.? The screaming.? Oh the humanity.? The trusty husband was so eager to get away from it all he didn’t even say good bye to me.

Eventually he calmed down.? I then remembered that he hadn’t gone pee yet this morning.? I told him to go (I knew he had to go) but being the defiant little shit he was I was met with yet another no.? Shocking.? I physically put him on the stool, but he wouldn’t go while I stood there.? I finally gave up and left and the kid peed like a race horse (of course just moments before he told me he didn’t have to go).? I told him to pull up his pants.? He needs the practice, he starts school in 2 weeks.? “I CAN’T!!!”? He would pull them up just to push them back down and scream at me.

All this and more before 9:00 this morning.? I would pawn him off on someone today, but he spent most of last week with other people.? I just keep telling myself… two more weeks until school starts.

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  1. I’m so tired that the sleeping in part of your day almost makes the rest sound lovely. Almost.

  2. I only have to deal with the morning part two days a week, but I’m the putter-to-bedder and It’s getting him out of the clothes that he’s always so defiant putting on in the first place that I get to have fun with.

    I do not judge, your consiquences go with the problem. Unfortunately the boys aren’t quite at the age to really understand. Remind me to tell you about him sticking his hand out while I was hammering a piece of rebar into the ground sometime because he wanted a turn.

  3. Trish says: Reply

    Oh, I know exactly how you feel. I had one of my boys fight me on every little thing (and he still fights me on some things). Now that my twins are older they understand a little better the consequences of their actions.

    I cringe at the fact that I have a 18 month old and I will be going through it all over again. One can hope that it won’t be so bad.

    No judging here! Glad to know that I am not alone.

  4. we have the same child…I have a decendent of Ivan the Terrible here.

  5. Lauri says: Reply

    I wish I could say that I never have days like that… hang in there

  6. Tricia says: Reply

    Wow, and I thought my morning was tough. We had a minor incident about putting on shoes this morning.

  7. mom says: Reply

    Secret to bad behavior… ignore. He’s messing with you cause he can. They know when the hair pulling is about to begin and it’s better to be relaxed (as hard as it might be) and patient. Maybe going through the motions of showing him (again) how to pull his britches up. When in school, it’s a just a matter of what everyone else is doing and this poo pah business will pass. Hugs 🙂

  8. I hear you.

  9. Sounds like you’re having a great time! Good luck holding it together until school starts up again!!

  10. Raissa says: Reply

    I feel you.

    We are starting to look forward to school very much. Although that adds the time-pressure-factor to getting dressed.

  11. Willow says: Reply

    wow, i am glad i dont have kids cause i would be in the bin 🙂 (looney)

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