Birthday aftermath

Gotta say I was a bit surprised by all the internets love on my birthday. It was a really big pick me up. I spent most of the day being cranky because I was not well Thursday and spent the day at my MIL’s. Why would this make me cranky on my birthday? Because the plan was to clean my house Thursday so I could play on Friday. Not being home puts a damper on that. Then, the trusty husband scheduled his car for service and we had to be up at the ass crack of dawn to take it to the mechanic on the other side of town. Damn German cars. Oh and the trusty husband has been working his ass off the past few weeks and has had no time to go shopping. He shopped in the afternoon, leaving me to clean the house. Needless to say cleaning the house on my birthday was not on my agenda.

So what did I do? I started drinking at 3:00. Yep. I did.

Once everyone arrived the cranky melted away. My best friend Heather even showed up with my adorable god-children. That was a wonderful surprise.

D grilled a whole beef tenderloin on the Grill Bastard 12,000 and I whipped up a batch of Oma’s potatoes. Pie was delicious. And when asked if I wanted ice cream I said, “hell yes.” Screw you lactose intolerance.

I received some fantastic gifts. The in-laws had previously purchased me a swing for my front patio (but due to a husband who thinks he knows better than the “special tool included” we have to reorder a few parts). They also gave me this awesome book. And a gift certificate to this place. Kathou and Paypay added to the collection they started at Christmas with this. Heather fed my gardening/candle obsession with ceramic garden pot candle holders and tea lights. Derek and the boy furthered the “things I won’t buy for myself” theme from Mother’s day with this book(gawd I’m such a geek) and these shoes(in purple of course). Just don’t tell The Manolo (who’s most recent post is about the ill-advised shoes).

So all in all it was a great birthday. Now if the sun would only come out.

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  1. Sorry we didn’t swing by. Didn’t get home until 8. I so forgot about Seattle traffic on a Friday in our getting home plans. And all were tired, dirty and kids hungry NOW hungry NOW after middle one realized that pizza lunchables suck and that he shouldn’t pick his lunch out by the pretty transformer on the box. (Told ya so.) Sigh. Anyhow, can we make it up by having you guys over for lunch/dinner something this weekend or very soon? HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!

    I was at least thinking happy birthday to you … 🙂

  2. So glad you had a good bday and got nice presents, but most of all I say good-for-you for eating your yummo dessert with no guilt!

  3. Jessica says: Reply

    Happy belated birthday!! The rhubarb pie sounds wonderful! I like to make it in February for Eric’s birthday – it’s nice to have a bit of summer in the middle of winter! I love my purple crocs, but they’re just house shoes. Pretty hot for our recent weather, but comfy none the less!

  4. Tori says: Reply

    Happy Belated Birthday!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day…..

  5. Sorry you had to clean on your birthday. i remember one bday i had to do science homework for hours- it was the worst! Glad to hear things got better.

  6. Hi Elle- I found your blog and I hope you don’t mind me commenting on some of the sensory behaviors that your son seems to be showing. I am a pediatric occupational therapist and from what it sounds like your son is experiencing some sensory integration problems, which I am sure you know is common in PI children. It might be helpful to see an OT who does SI therapy.

  7. NEAL says: Reply

    chickadee left out that we were also stinky.

  8. I’m glad your birthday turned out OK. Booze, ice cream…you did alright! (I gotta say, I piss my pants every time I read the Grill Bastard 12,000.)

  9. Debbie says: Reply

    Glad you had a good birthday in the end. You’ve got very loving family and friends.

  10. Happy B-Day!!! Just so happens, today is my b-day:-) Woo Hoo! I have zero plans though. 🙁

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