Big Day

Not as big as the one that will happen in the Fall, but still big. ?Today my baby boy graduates from preschool.

The boy has attended the preschool at our church for the past 3 years. ?Of his class he has attended the preschool the longest. ?There is one girl in his class that joined 1/2 way through the year when they were 3. ?She has become one of his best friends at school and they won’t be attending the same kindergarten next year. ?They are both rather sad about that as are her mother and I.

We started the boy in the preschool for one reason only… socialization. ?He is very smart and much of what he knows he learns from us, but he has learned quite a few things. ?The big issue was socialization. ?The boy’s social skills were not the best when he arrived from Russia. ?He didn’t know the proper way to interact with other children. ?He came from a “lord of the flies” type environment. ?We spent the first year home teaching him how to be a part of a family, we’ve spent the last 3 teaching him how to act among his peer group. ?My little boy has come a long way and his teachers will attest to that.

It wasn’t until this year that the boy really started to learn to play WITH other children. ?Up until this point he played near them, but preferring to be alone. ?It is good that he knows how to play alone, but he needs to know how to act with other people. ?I can’t say enough about the work the teachers have done with him. ?They have helped him to get over many of his sensory issues, they have encouraged him to make friends, they have challenged him. ?They are an amazing group of ladies and I am so thankful for them.

I’ll try to share some photos of the day, but we have a “special day” planned (in the words of the boy). ?This morning I asked what today was and he replied, “It’s my celebration! ?That means we get to do something special today.” ?I am taking the day off and spending it with my big boy.

I’m so proud of you baby.

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  1. Lee says: Reply

    Happy Graduation Day Oleg! I hope you and mommy have fun on your celebration day, can’t wait to hear how you spend it! I love you so much and couldn’t be prouder of the smart, funny and loving boy you are! Hugs and smooches, Auntie Lee

  2. Gah! Time is just speeding by.

  3. Jenni says: Reply

    Congratulations to Oleg! It’s wonderful that he had such great group of preschool teachers to help him get ready for the social aspects of school. So many preschools far short in that area.

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