Betcha thought I was arrested or something

Much to your chagrin I don?t have a fascinating social worker story to tell you. He didn?t piss me off and he was pleasant. I did not have the urge to reach across the table and choke him to death, but it was all that I could do to not call him on all the stuff he did to us before. This, of course, does not mean that I don?t plan on continuing to seek out a new social worker. Of course the man has one more shot at redeeming himself should he actually complete our post placement report correctly and on time.

I thought I had a great post for you, but for some reason it is only funny while I lay in bed a 4 a.m. and refuse to get out of the bed to write it. By the time I get up, have coffee and sit at the computer it lacks the original humor.

Thanks for all of your suggestions on the family room. I think we are going to go with a soft yellow and chocolate trim. The wood furniture is black brown so the dark trim will tie that and the lines in the mural together. We may also have a way of preserving the mural should we ever put the door from the room into the garage back in. It would require some repainting on my part, but less that repainting the whole thing.

A little background on the mural. It is a reproduction of Frank Lloyd Wright?s Tree of Life. I love anything to do with the Tree of Life and Wright?s artwork. I drew the mural to scale and transfered it onto the wall. The wall is very textured so I had to sand it somewhat smooth. I taped off my horizontal lines and painted the brown. Unfortunately the paint seeped under the tape. I ended up painting the remainder of the mural with a 1/2″ brush. I still have to touch up where the original paint seeped by the ceiling. Also, there is one horizontal line that is not level. It drives me nuts, but I haven?t fixed it yet. So no, the painting is not finished yet. I?ll get around to it someday.

Now onto the shoes. Somehow I have yet to fully convince the husband to let me buy the very expensive shoes. I also appreciate your suggestion of the shoes at Target. While those are cute, they have a visible wood sole. I went out and bought my dress for the fancy dinner and they won?t match. As a compromise I found another pair that will go. They are suede with an even thicker heel and in the right price range. I just have to order them and hope they arrive by Saturday. This does not negate the fact that I still want the Lollyys.

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