Best holiday since February 1st

Around this house we celebrate the unconventional holidays. ?I don’t care for holidays like New Years (unless you count this new years) or 4th of July (another stay up late for no reason holiday). ?I do like Christmas and mah birthday (for the presents). ?The best holidays in this house are the not so normal ones.

The first day of the hockey season is called Hockey Day (we couldn’t come up with a better name). ?The boy and I make a cake.

February 1st is Elle survived January so we can cut back on our booze bill Day (I don’t think that name will catch on either). ?We don’t really do anything special except celebrate with a shot of Vodka… what was that about cutting back on the booze bill?

The beginning of Daylight Savings Time is also a holiday around here. ?We call it the end of SAD season. ?Most people bitch about the time change. ?Me? ?I lurve it. ?It might be dark when I wake up, but last night… I walked the dog in the daylight. ?For the first time (ok that’s not true, but it was my first evening walk with her in daylight). ?We celebrated that day with a steak dinner.

Later up this week is St. Patrick’s Day. ?I’m telling you this is the best week ever. ?We are having a few friends over, doing an informal whiskey tasting and the dog is getting fixed the day before so she’ll be nice and doped up with all of the people here. ?I’m starting to feel semi normal.

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  1. I love the spring forward change too…except the first couple of days when I am shocked by it being dark when I get up (makes me grumpy until I really notice it being dark later in the day).

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