Before y’all go and egg my house

Sure, I put up a post about my hair and you all decide to comment. I see how you are. I’m just going to start asking what color I should paint my toenails just to get some comments out of you guys. Geez! Don’t you people know I’m down to one blog and I neeeed the comments. See what an attention whore I am.

After I made the horrible rotten mistake of taking a photo of myself I quickly realized that oh dear god that is what I look like. How sad is that. No wonder I feel like crap all the time. Who wants to look at that? I carry that around with me all day every day. The worst part is I posted it out there for the whole of the internets* to see. I think watching Real Housewives of Orange County really did kill off those last two brain cells.

I promptly got on the phone and called my hairstylist. It is pretty bad when you call your hair stylist, of 15 years, and say Hi Teresa. Her response was, “Elle! You need your hair colored!” She couldn’t even see me. How did she know. Oh yeah… because she’s done my hair for 15 years and the last time she saw me was 6 months ago. I was lucky and got an appointment for the next day (yesterday).

Armed with my fabulous photo I headed off to get my hair done. Oh dear lord was she ever excited to cut my hair. She made me realize that all that hair had been growing for the last 2 years. That hair held all the pain, stress and anxiety that I endured for the last 2 years. She, in her weird hairdresser way, made me realize that cutting it off would be a good thing. This isn’t to say that I didn’t cry a little when I saw 6″ long chunks of my hair falling to the floor.

Teresa also has this knack of talking me into things that I am just not sure about. Remember when I said I didn’t want red? It looked a little like this:

But not red, I?ve done red & I?m done with red.

When I talked with her about color she said, I think you should go red with chunky blonde highlights. She once again convinced me that a new do needed a new color. Never say never I guess.

So before y’all go and egg my house for not posting photos sooner here you go. This is me before**:elle-before.jpg
And this is me after**:

*You people have no clue as to how much photoshopping was involved in making that photo even partially acceptable to put on the internet.
**Other than a slight color correction no photoshopping was done to either of these photos.

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  1. Lauri says: Reply

    I Love it…. that is a great cut… how do you feel? do you like the red? does the boy recognize you?

    come on and tell us more… although your face says it all…. you look great

  2. Carrie says: Reply

    WOW!! you look great. Who did CS and the boy take it? When I cut my hair when Princess was little she cried whenever she saw me for 3 days straight…talk about an ego booster!

  3. Michelle in AK says: Reply

    Man that looks good! Your hairstylist was right; the red really brightened up your face. Consider getting some auburn eyebrow tint for your nicely shaped eyebrows to complement your new hair color. So do you like your new hairstyle?

  4. I took it great. Isn’t my baby hott?! I love her, so am obviously biased but I think that she looks absolutely faboo

  5. I LOVE it! It’s fabulous! Makes me want to go and do something with my hair.

  6. Jessica says: Reply

    What a great hair cut!! E talked me into growing out my hair while pregnancy hormones could help the process. I’m thinking it’s not going to last much longer, and your new ‘do is helping to convince me I should cut it tomorrow (at my appointment)! I’m sure CS loves the new look, mostly because of what it’s obviously done to your outlook on life! It always amazes me how a new haircut can make life seem so much better!!

  7. Leggy says: Reply

    Wow- great picture. What does Pickle think of the new you?

  8. I love it! It’s like a “dream makeover” or something. 🙂 I am super impressed you were brave enough to get so much cut and go for a color and the whole thing… I wish I were that brave. I’m sick of what I have but afraid to try something new. But seeing your before/after pics might just give me the courage to try. 😉

  9. Dana says: Reply

    Love it! My husband only wants me to be blond because that’s what I was when we met. He didn’t like the brown hair I tried, the red hair I tried, or the red stripes I tried! 🙂

  10. Rhonda says: Reply

    Love it, love it, love it!

  11. DebiP says: Reply

    YEA…I really love it L….I am so glad that you took the jump…and let me say that a man that says faboo must be very comfortable with his manhood CS…

  12. Freaking LOVEIT! All flippy and cute!

  13. Beau. Ti. Ful. You look awesome.

  14. You look like a completely different person. It is a great color on you and what a great cut.


  15. Heather says: Reply

    I must say your new hair cut looks fabulous! I know how it is to let go of the past and move on. The best way to do that is with a new hairstyle. I was thinking about making a blog myself to help with decisions I might need help with. How much easier was your decision when people replied to your blog?

  16. You look great! Honestly you look good in both pictures, but the later is certainly younger and more fashionable looking.

    You are making me feel like I need to do something with my hair.

  17. Tricia says: Reply

    I think you look fab in both photos, but the new look is definitely more fun and trendy. Good for you! I’m jealous!

  18. mom says: Reply


  19. You look like you can keep up with a two year old! It’s a different look and I think it’s great.

  20. Tori says: Reply

    Love it, love it, love it!! It’s a perfect cut for you!

  21. Kathou says: Reply

    Both Paypay and I love it!!!

  22. looks great – love the red!

  23. Jenny says: Reply

    I wish I could do red. I look like a fool with red (and my mom is actually a redhead!). I am soo jealous. I am having a hair crisis and am ready to go really short again because well…you know. I am sick of it and feel old and tired.

    I am soo glad you went for it. I love it. Enjoy!!!

  24. Esther says: Reply

    Hey, your hair looks great! You seem look great with your hair in several different fashions. But heck, The new hair-do looks really nice ;o)

    Love the potty stories too!!

  25. Carla says: Reply

    Oh that looks GREAT!!!!

    You’ve inspired me to call my hairdresser now…I’m needing straightener done again.

  26. Lee says: Reply

    I love it too! How do you like it now that you have styled it yourself?

  27. HOLY MOLEY!!! That looks incredible! I can’t believe what a different it makes on you – look look younger, hipper, even healthier (I think the color makes your skin look realy good).

    Good for you for taking the plunge – you look FAB!

  28. Jan Bartel says: Reply

    I LOVE the new ‘do! You look fabulous Darling! I have a perm right now and I am tired of that. So I am thinking about letting it grow out over the summer and going straight. But will probably wait to do that until after the John’s wedding, unless my hairdresser can come up with a style that I can work with. Anyway we both love your new look. What does Oleg think? Love Aunt Jan

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