Beauty tips from the old and busted

I see some of you noticed my hair cut. Thank you. Every woman I work with noticed by our (male) pastor did not. And he has daughters. I actually surprised.

I had it cut last Wednesday, took photos of myself on Thursday and planned to post, but we ended up at the trusty in-laws. Then there was that whole vacation. So I apologize for not updating you right away on the status of my hair. I know that is what you really come here to read about.

Speaking of beauty and what makes us so I thought I would do a little post about what I use to make myself half way decent looking on a daily (and not so daily basis). There was a question a few months ago about what moisturizer I bought and I purposefully avoided that question.

We’ll start with my hair. You will hate me by the end of this paragraph. I have tried every shampoo known to man. Not joking. Expensive salon shampoos, $2.99 Suave stuff. You name it. The trusty husband and I used to use different shampoos, but I really like his so we shell out the $ every 2 weeks for Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo and conditioner. I actually buy it at the supermarket, but Super Supplements has it on sale every so often. When I run out of that (like this week) I use the boy’s baby shampoo. I like the conditioning stuff of that. As far as styling product goes… I don’t use any. Honest to God. I blow dry my hair, use a flattening iron and that is it. I do us a gel if I want to keep the curls in, but otherwise no product. Told you you’d hate me.

As far as my face goes and that elusive moisturizer… I use Lush Eau Roma toner and Celestial Moisturizer. The girls at Lush were great with helping me find the right product. They informed me that my face would break out a little more than normal the first week, but would calm down. It took 2 weeks, but it worked. My face is mostly break out free and somewhat moisturized. It likely won’t every be baby soft because of all the allergy medication I take. I also have used the Oil of Olay Microdermabrasion product and love that too.

As far as make-up goes I use the Maybelline mineral powder, Boots blush and eyeshadow. That’s it. Sorry to my Mary Kay girls, but this girl’s on a budget. I don’t think I look all that bad for cheap make-up.

I also have a few occasional beauty products I use. I have a Mary Kay Satin Hands that I love, but don’t use nearly enough. As evidenced by my old and wrinkly looking hands. I also received a Seacret Nail Care kit from the trusty SIL for Christmas. Oh mah hell! This is the best product in the entire universe of nail products. I have naturally long nails (I’m sorry) and they are a little ridgy. I use this kit and it looks like I just spent $20 on a professional manicure. Only difference is the paint isn’t going to chip off in an hour because there is no paint. Just natural looking French Manicure. I demand that you go buy this now. I’ll wait.

Did you order it? Good. You’ll thank me in 5-7 business days.

As for the rest of me. I use soap from here. I particularly like Eucalyptus Mint, Egyptian Musk and Midnight. The Good Night Sweet Dreams is also lovely.

So let me have it. I’ll give you lurkers another chance. What are your favorite beauty products or those that keep you looking gorgeous.

* Ok, I fixed all of the links. Stupid new WordPress adds in an extra http:// when doing links. I’m too dense to notice.

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  1. I’m pretty low maintenance. My favorite can’t live without it product is my Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray. Otherwise? Eh.

  2. Carrie says: Reply

    Oh, I fell in love with the Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo when they had it in the HUGE bottles at Costco for around $7. Of course as soon as I was hooked they stopped carrying it forcing me to pay $12 for a tiny bottle at the super market!

    I’m an Alaskan now so my beauty regime consists of showering and combing my hair – I don’t even dry it!

  3. I’m a lurker, finally decided to comment. 🙂 Well, I’m not gorgeous by any stretch, but I do have some favorite products. I LOVE Arbonne RE9 products…just about all of them actually. I have very sensitive skin, not a lot of breakouts, but just sensitive to what I put on it. I had a friend that recommended Arbonne and I’ve been hooked for several years now. I have definitely noticed a difference since I began using it. I’m also 36 so the anti-aging can’t hurt. 🙂 Thanks for the suggestions…I also love the Mary Kay Satin Hands set. It truly is the best! Now I just need to find something for my dry heels.

  4. Diana Hooten says: Reply

    I have sensative skin, so I’m VERY limited on what I can use. And, I’m cheap so that adds to the fun.

    Face: Aveno calming. It’s the only moisturizer that works for me. Soap doesn’t do squat for me, besides dry out my face so that’s sans cleanser.

    Body: Summer’s eve sensative skin body wash. Again, only thing I can use, but it smells like baby powder (very light though) and doesn’t cause bad things to happen. I haven’t found any other that will work for me.

    Hair: Aussie. It does a good job of cleaning, and more importantly it conditions without making my hair greasy. And, I like the way it smells

    There you have it. Cheap, but at least I found stuff that works for me!

  5. Ingelaurie says: Reply

    Quick comment on our boss. He is known for not noticing things like hair, clothes, etc. I’ll tell you a funny story about that on Thursday.

  6. I LOVE the hair cut!!!!

    Ok, enough excitement on that front! Beauty products? Well, I’ve been hooked on Mary Kay’s Timewise 3-in-1 cleanser and Timewise moisturizer for about 5 years; it’s the only thing that keeps my skin clear. That and MK’s microdermabrasion set. A tinted moisturizer for the day, mineral foundation (a new “find” and I love it!), eye liner, and mascara. Hair? You mean I’m supposed to do something with that? My stylist has given up on me, and has been cutting my hair so that I don’t need anything for about 6 years now – it only took 2 visits to “train” him. If I have the time, I’m trying to learn how to use mousse to give it some volume, but that’s still a learning process. See, not much different from high school; well, except the make-up part – I think we traded places!

  7. Diana Hooten says: Reply

    OH, I forgot to mention the haircut. It looks really good!!
    I just chopped mine off too…it’s just feels nice to have the weight taken off.

  8. I just got about 6 inches chopped off my hair. Family and friends have either not said anything or just said “You got your hair cut.” That can’t be good, can it?

  9. p.s. Could you explain the Patty Bugent tag? I hate to dense, but I don’t get it.

  10. Never mind. I just got it. I’m a bit slow.

  11. kate says: Reply

    I use almost nothing. I use herbal essence shampoo (or anything with chamomile) and really do have great hair. (It’s genetic, so I can say that.) I use LUSH Angels on Bare Skin and Imperialis. And, make-up is loreal blush and mascara. OH! I am addicted to Burt’s Bees tinted lip stuff. I like raisin best now but I used to be a fan of rhubarb.

    Will need to check out your nail tip as mine are long and strong…but I can’t keep polish on them.

  12. I also went from ultra long to ultra short…though I haven’t posted about it yet. Maybe I need to do that, since the internets (as you call them) still think I have long hair. Hmmm… Anyway, I have a sensitive scalp, so I’m crazy picky about my shampoo. Vidal Sassoon used to make something awesome, but quit about 5 years ago. I’ve found a cheapish Tressemme shampoo that I like. When my hair is short, I don’t use conditioner. And I just dry & flat iron my hair, too. No fuss. (I have started using a little mouse & pommade, if i want the “mussed” look)

    Makeup – I use a mixture of stuff, but am also on a budget. Nothing fancy (and to wash my face, I actually typically use Clearasil. I am almost 30 and still using Clearasil. Hmmm)

    My nails are also ultra strong & easy to grow long. I never use polish, but I may look into your nail kit because I do like my nails to look nice!

    There you have it. Another simple girl!

  13. BTW, in a way, I was really glad when Maggie asked about Patty Bugent, because I am feeling a bit dense about it. Then she said she got it, and I feel even MORE dense because I still do not get it. Care to give the dense in the crowd a clue?

  14. Willow says: Reply

    i have sensitive oily skin (a winning combo but it is keeping the wrinkles away) and i swear by DERMALOGICA. i haven’t broken out once and they have products for all skin types and you use very small amounts so the bottle lasts a LONG TIME.

    mascara: almay one coat-it doesnt flake into my eyes and thickens my lashes. do you girls curl your lashes? if not GET ON IT! it is the best thing EVER!
    and MAC makeup but i love color and they have the best selection. and have you guys tried false lashes? omg they make you look sooo cute, i always put them on when i go out, they are so fun 🙂

    hair-i have been using professional product for years and i dont care what anyone says- IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE! it is so worth it. latest and greatest: redken spray starch, it truely thickens my hair and also keeps heat styling styled. their hairspray is also awesome! and they have a root lofter called guts that is worth every penny.

    tip i just learned: i went through the motions of “washing” my hair and made sure to scrub my scalp well as well as my hair using only water. i used no shampoo and just a touch of conditioner to keep the comb going through. then i styled as usual. i have oily hair and it still looked good and fresh. this is the way to keep that color in and keep damaged hair (bleach?) more healthy by washing with shampoo less. just try it, it really works (i didnt believe it until yesterday when i tried it for the first time).

    must i continue? i could talk about this stuff all day. oh, one more thing, the only soap i use is dove sensitive skin. it keeps my skin balanced and no breakouts anywhere (my whole freakin body is covered with sensitive skin!)

  15. Sara says: Reply

    I have a very basic routine.
    Suave shampoo and conditioner, Cetaphil face wash, Almay foundation and mascara, and Free Range Chicken Poop lip junk.

    I don’t have time for much else!

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