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I know you’ve been inundated with “buy my candy” and “please won’t you help the children.” ?While I do believe that what I do through Sweet Hope I also recognize that there are other organizations out there that need support. ?I also know there are artisans around the world trying to make a living selling their art. ?Last year the trusty husband and I took the handmade pledge. ?I would say that 90% of the gifts we gave at Christmas were handmade by me or someone else. ?I believe the boy’s gifts were the only ones not handmade.

This year we are taking the same pledge. ?This is where our family once again rolls their eyes and wonders what in the world will she come up with now. ?I assure you, the gifts we give are well thought out and very high quality. ?Last year we gave my BIL a sterling silver hand hammered guitar pick. ?I purchased my niece a beautiful bracelet. ?I made handbags for my sisters-in-law and the trusty husband made that really awesome video about our adoption process for both sets of parents. ?All around we gave some pretty cool things.

I am trying to finish up my Christmas shopping before I have to make a whole bunch of chocolate and have no time for such frivolity as sitting down. ?I love some of the original items I can find on Etsy. ?My most recent searches came across Zephyr Woods. ?This seller creates beautiful wooden jewelry and donates a portion of her sales to Kiva.


This is the type of Etsy seller I can get behind. ?I can’t tell you if I’ve ordered from her or not simply because my whole family reads my blog, but you should at least check it out.

I took the handmade pledge… you should too.

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

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