Be a candy pusher

I promise this might be the last Sweet Hope post for a few weeks…

Today and tomorrow are the last few days of voting in Sweet Hope Round 2. ?Don’t forget to vote (multiple times if you like).

I am also looking for sales people to be candy pushers. ?Last year without the help of the sales people we could not have met our goal. ?You get a few catalogs of our products, order forms, donation forms and best of all a box of samples to tempt potential buyers. ?We look at it like being a legal crack dealer. ?The first one is always free. ?As a sales person your job is to, obviously, get people to purchase Sweet Hope truffles and/or caramels. ?You can either take orders in person and we ship all of the orders to you for distribution or you direct people to our website where they order and we ship directly to them. ?We also hold a contest among the sales people. ?The person to sell the most (number of orders over the 3 weeks) gets a $20 iTunes gift card. ?Last year we also gave a gift card to the top-referring non sales person, but we aren’t doing that this year. ?This is to encourage you to be an official sales person. ?If you are interested email me.

We also could use help in the kitchen. ?This year we anticipate bigger and better sales (I already have an order for 180 1/2 dozen boxes) and I will be working at the nursery during the time I normally make candy. ?This means I’m increasing our production time, but also need added help. ?December 14, 15 and 16 are the most critical days in “the factory.” ?This is when we fill and box all of the orders. ?We will also be setting up a large kitchen day. ?This will hopefully be either?December 5th or 12th. ?All kitchen volunteers get a free box of candy.

Come on… you know you want to help.

In other news…

I received an email from Galina. ?When she is available she and Dr. Evalina will be going out to Mirnoe to try to snap a few new photos of the children. ?I’ve also asked that she talk to Natalia about what it is that the orphanage needs this year. ?She said that winter has come early to Khabarovsk. ?She also said that an American family who adopted two children from Khabarovsk recently visited there and their children gave a concert in the orphanage they were from. ?The television news covered the story and gave a very positive report. ?Those of you in the Russian adoption community know how rare this is and what a blessing it is.

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