Basking in the glow

Everyone has hounded me to buy one of those light therapy things if I’m not going to take medication for my SAD.? I’ve avoided it mostly because I’m lazy and didn’t have the attention span to sit down and find one.? When I did start looking all I found were horribly expensive gigantic boxes of light that you had to sit in front of for 30 minutes a day to reap any benefits.? The only place I sit for 30 minutes at a stretch is my computer and my desk isn’t nearly big enough to accomodate one of those giant monsters.? And did I mention they were expensive?

My depressive episode a few weeks ago (in AUGUST!) caused me to rethink my opposition to light therapy.? Not that it really was that much of an opposition.? I did some looking and still found that most of the lights were either giant or cost prohibitive.? I mean honestly… $200+ for an ugly table lamp.? $200 would get me 2 1/2 acupuncture treatments or 5 therapy sessions (my portion after insurance and deductible).? I couldn’t justify spending that much on a light.

I kept looking.? On page 4 of The Googles I found this little company called Verilux.? They had tons of stuff for healthy living using light.? Better yet, they had a little light with a little price tag.? Better yet!? They take paypal.

So 2 weeks ago (prior to writing this post) I ordered the Happy Lite Mini Ultra Full Spectrum Glee-a-tron 5000.? But I’m cheap so I only paid for ground shipping.? I had to wait 2 looooong weeks for it to arrive.? Good news is it arrived today.? And my UPS guy comes in the morning (unlike the postman) so I go to open my fancy new Glee-a-tron 5000 and take it for a test spin.

I had to put it together myself but it cost a little less.

Once I figured out how to assemble it I plugged it in and holy hell that thing is bright.? The recommended lux for a light therapy lamp is 10,000.? Mine is only 5000.? So I have to sit in front of it for longer.? It has two settings; bright and burn your retinas out.? And there are “warnings” about light therapy that it has been known to cause mania (in those with that type of depression) if exposed to it for too long.? Don’t worry, I’ll be a safe and “sane” user, but I’m half tempted to push the envelope just so I can get some shit done around here.

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  1. mom says: Reply

    I’ve been a little sluggish lately… can I borrow it? :]

  2. kim says: Reply

    wonderful for you. please let me know how it works, I might invest in one Mice eLF.

  3. I had a college roommate who had SAD. She used light therapy in our dorm room. It drove me totally batshit and I hated it. But, it helped her. I hope it helps you, too.

  4. Joel413 says: Reply

    I hope the light helps. And even though my first question to NEAL was if you had stopped crying yet, you did rebuild 1/4th of your house this weekend, I’d say that’s getting some shit done.

    Not the shit you wanted to get done, but shit none the less. BTW… i believe you all have my phone number too.

  5. Thanks for the info on the light box source. I have looked into these for myself, but like you said I thought they were too expensive. I think they would be really helpful during the long winter months. Let us know if they help you.

  6. Lauri says: Reply

    does it induce any freckle sprouting? like the sun? I do not think I can handle any more freckles on my already freckled body? Seriously though, hope it helps you feel better

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