Banana Heaven

My child is a banana freak about every other week. The problem is I never know which week is the on week. So I buy a bunch of bananas every week and lately more often than not they don’t all get eaten. Neither the boy or I will eat over ripe bananas and the trusty husband? Just the smell of bananas makes him gag. I seem to always accumulate over ripe bananas. And I swear I have tried every banana bread or muffin recipe under the sun. They either come out like a hockey puck or with that slimy top. Ick. Even Betty has done me wrong. I’ve tried recipes with applesauce and everything else. All crap.

Once again I found my house full of over ripe bananas. I am so stinking sick of throwing away expensive fruit I thought I would try it again. I turned to my ever helpful Bread Bible for guidance. Surely Rose would have the answer. Sho nuf, there was a recipe for Texas sized banana muffins. Of course if there is one cooking implement in my home I don’t have it’s a Texas muffin pan. *note to self on next trip to The Crate* So I use a loaf pan.

At first this recipe seems a bit odd. It calls for 1/4 cup of sour cream and only 1 banana. What’s more, it calls for Turbinado sugar not regular sugar. Lucky for me, Turbinado sugar is what is used in the perfect Irish Coffee. Got some. Oh. My. GAH! If you have never tried this particular recipe go now. Go buy the Bread Bible and try it. I’ll wait….

did you get it yet? Oh the yumminess. Oh the joy. I could sit and eat the entire loaf in one sitting. This ranks right up there with making your own granola (yes I’ll give you that recipe at a later date). But seriously. This is, if I weren’t married I would seriously ask this bread home. I think I’m slobbering a little just thinking about the goodness.

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  1. Jessica says: Reply

    Yup, all it takes is the one recipe that does it for you, and you’re a gonner for banana bread! I have a killer recipe that doesn’t call for eggs (which is great since I tend to under cook EVERY loaf of banana bread), and is very simple.

    Over ripe banana hint: they freeze well! If they start to get shriveled, I toss them, but I’m not sure how long it takes for them to get there. I let them sit out on the counter for a couple of hours or run them under hot water to defrost them, and then you always have perfect bananas for bread!

    I think I’ll have to defrost a loaf of banana bread that’s in the freezer right now… it sounds quite tasty!!

  2. I would be jealous and little miffed at your taunting me with banana goodness if I hadn’t found fabulous banana bread in Guatemala (who knew?). I am eating a piece right this very moment.

  3. neal says: Reply

    It makes sense to call something “Texas” banana muffins when there is that much sour cream and hardly any banana.

    You know, it’s the all hat and no cattle muffin.

  4. sounds yummy…

    have you tried making banana pudding yet? it’s also very yummy with a vanilla wafer crust… Mmm!

  5. DebiP says: Reply

    It is a Russian thing…I am convinced,,, Griffin would eat 6 a day if I let him…he lives for bananas…but lately dropping off…so I don’t buy them every three days

  6. Actually, it’s just a kid thing. Mine do the same. They’re obsessed with bananas and want them all the time, then the next week or two they all turn black. Luckily, I’ve brainwashed the oldest to think/know that when the get slightly black they’re sweeter — that the softer spots have more SUGAR! That sold her. At least for awhile. So she’d take the spotted ones and not just the green ones. (Black to to the compost or banana bread, of course.)

  7. Jessica has already given you the secret – that you can freeze ripe bananas indefinitely. Just wanted to reiterate that it really works.

    They will go completely black when you do this, but don’t worry about that – they are still fine.

    My all-time favorite banana recipe if from the Barefoot Contessa cookbooks (not sure which one, but maybe the first one?).

    Banana Crunch Muffins. Scrumptious!!!

    (I’ll send it to you…)

  8. OK i am really craving banana bread now, hey L want to send me some:) Yes my kiddos love bananas too especially our girls who recently came home they actually start clapping and dancing just get so excited over them. I do know they had them in the orphanage at least 2-3 x a day!

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