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First, I was a little surprised to find my Go Purple graphic on the Children’s Hope website.? It was a total fluke that I found it.? It was in my recent hits on my stat counter.? I’m very flattered that they would put something like that in their monthly newsletter.? We didn’t use them to adopt the boy, but I do know people who used that particular agency.? Opinions of them will be left for those who know first hand.? The were not in our personal top 3 when selecting an agency.? But hey!? They linked me so I like them a little now.? And I did take a moment to click through their other programs.? Just to see you know.

I have, I don’t know how many days from now until Christmas and I am damned determined to enjoy this holiday season.? Last year I was a new mom with a child that was driving me nuts and too tired to care.? I last minute shopped and didn’t send out Christmas cards.? One of us was sick when it was cookie baking day with my mom so we missed that.? We had a horrible wind storm that knocked out power for a few days and then the food throwing started*.? Needless to say Christmas was a bit of a bust last year.

This year is going to be different.? (She says as she just implemented the Procrastination Chart and read her December archives)? I am going to get my cards out.? I will make cookies with my mom and I will finish Christmas projects in an appropriate amount of time to enjoy my holiday dammit!? All the while making over 750 truffles and 550 caramels.? Please send wine.? (Lena, you don’t really want to go to Sweden do you?? You know you want to come to my house and make chocolates.)

Nope, I’m going to do it.? I’m going to finish this month of posting every day and then step away from my computer (unless the mood strikes me).? I am going to do art projects with my son.? I am going to decorate my house and make it festive.? I know full well that this may kill me.? I’m ok with that.

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  1. I think that sounds like a FABULOUS plan. I am experiencing the first-time-mom holidays. They are really great, but I’m wanting things to be perfect that I’m having a hard time enjoying them (so far) to the fullest. I think the idea of stepping away from the computer is fantastic. Give that boy some “mom/family” time – really get into some traditions & above all, have fun doing it!! (while making your chocolates. and don’t you know, if I were closer, I’d so come help you. Which reminds me, I’ve GOT to get my order in!)

  2. Lena says: Reply

    Atta girl Elle! I love your plan!

    I’m still planning on going to Sweden – it’s part of my perfect Christmas plan – but you may be able to sweet talk me into coming over and help you (if it fits my schedule that is) in these last couple of weeks before I’ll go.

    Hugs in bunches!

  3. I used them and was surprised to see your logo there too. I really liked them but I adopted in China so the programs are a bit different with different requirements and all. Plus they have an office in Tenn. so I never had to use another agency for anything which was nice, one stop shopping so to speak with regards to the homestudy portion of the adoption. I would use them again no matter what country I head to. They recently had some trouble that reached the media but that was blown out of proportion and never truly explained what actually happened. CHI was completely honest with every adoptive and pre-adoptive family in explaining the situation even if the families weren’t in the program that was affected. I thought that was good. Anyway, maybe you should copyright or market that logo.


  4. Lauri says: Reply

    Great Plan………. I am looking forward to this holiday season… was in a similar boat last year. Bring on the Christmas spirit & cookie baking

  5. I hope I can help you next year! Good luck getting things done and don’t stress too much if you need help doing it! I know your loving husband would be happy to help, and you have friends and family that could maybe take the boy for a day or two in order to let you get stuff done. Or, better yet, send the boy and hubby out for an entire day, and you get the house to yourself for at least 8 hours!

    Again, good luck!!

  6. mom says: Reply

    Just one more thing for your mom to brag about! How cool is that! You should feel quite honored that they picked your graphic. I know I am!

  7. I can’t believe I almost missed your Giving Thanks post! I was back reading since I have been gone and it was so touching. It is amazing how our blog lives have evolved. There are so many adoption blogs now, and at that time it was just us. You guys will always be special to me. It is fun to be able to keep in touch no matter where we live.

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