Baby Crack

While we were in Russia we had issues with one unhappy child. The boy would simply get out of control and there wasn?t a darn thing we could do about it. Not the vacant stare of the post institutionalized child stare, but this I am going to test the ultimate limits and see if you still love me kind of child. We had lots and lots of tantrums. The boy reverted to this phase about 2 weeks after we came home and it lasted for about a week and a half. He then figured out that he wasn?t the one that was really in control.

The boy is doing really well with manners; saying please and signing thank you. It is quite the breath of fresh air.

One of the things we used in Russia to calm him down were the Baby Einstien videos. We took 3 with us. They were so graciously loaned to us from a friend. We should give them back, but I can?t part with them and don?t want to buy my own.

Anyway… part of our bed time routine is to watch part of Baby Bach. The boy loves the chicken at the begining and after bath and PJs starts pointing to the living room going Bach Bach Bach. So he gets 2 songs from Bach and then it is off to bed.

The other morning he was super bored and there is nothing worth watchin on TV so I decided to play Baby Mozart for him. The kid loved it!!! He sat mesmorized at the TV. The entire 20 or 30 minutes of it. I have no clue what the creators of this series did, but it is like baby crack. Yesterday I played Mozart after nap time and today he woke up from his nap and walked to the TV and said Woof! Like the dog at the begining. He will sit in our big red chair with Steve and watch the whole thing.

To my credit we do use other parts of the DVD like the language lab parts. He loves those too. In Russia this is how CS happened to learn quite a bit of his Russian. It has 12 different languages in the language lab section and 1 is Russian. Handy!

And by the way… have any of you parents who have watched Baby Bach noticed the woman?s hand with the nasty sore on it? I have watched this video nearly every night for the past 7 weeks and at the part where the hand is putting the coins into the green bank truck I notice something. Sho Nuf! It?s a sore on the lady?s hand. Just one thing to say there. Eww.

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