August Rush

Somewhere around September 3rd last year I realized the summer had slipped by and somehow I missed it.? Trips to the community pool numbered at 2.? Outings to the local spray park were also limited.? We spent a little time at the zoo, took a trip to Alaska and a trip to Sacramento, but those were business trips for the trusty husband and not really vacations.

It’s August 2nd and although we are one day into our great 2 day Disney extravaganza* the summer is nearly gone.? The boy will start school the first week of September.? This means we have 4 weekends in August to do family type stuff and pack as much summer lovin’ into this month.? We have (hopefully) a camping trip planned, a mass one day only garage sale and a family reunion to attend (that we might actually not attend because it’s the same day as our 12th wedding anniversary).

There are tons of playgrounds I want to go to, lazy days at the pool, and girlfriend’s back yards I want to hang out in.? I want to enjoy my garden, get the most use out of my fancy new pizza stone and watch a movie in my back yard.? I want to make use of my cute little fire pit and make smores.? I want to lay in my hammock.? And notice nothing on that list says I want to spend more time in front of the computer.? I plan to pack as much fun into my August as possible.? Enjoy it now because as soon as the rain starts… things just go down hill.


*this post was mostly written before I left for California, but somehow it didn’t auto publish like is was supposed to.? I have many stories to tell about the past week and how our current Disney Vacation is going.? Including posts like “Disneyland: It’s the happiest effing place on earth,” and “Watch Elle meltdown When the boy won’t let her go see Belle because it’s not all about her,” and “See Elle get secretly excited about a Princess Breakfast.”? Stay tuned for that and many other adventures.

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  1. mom says: Reply

    Can’t wait to hear the stories but your blog won’t do! I’ll be giving you a call. Sorry!!!!

  2. Lauri says: Reply

    I want to go camping too…a state park has these tee-pee type things you can rent- a little more comfy that roughing it. Thanks for the reminder & enjoy the rest of your summer. Totally jealous of your princess encounters at Disney

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