At least parenting is funny

Becoming a parent for the first time to a two year old has it?s challenges. When your child comes from an institution and another country it makes it even more challenging. However there are those times when you realize how incredibly blessed you are to be the parent to this particular child and at least he provides you with a little entertainment.

  • The weekend we painted our bedroom. The boy had never seen this type of activity before and was fascinated by the white stuff in the little pan on the floor. His mother sat blissfully unaware of any activity that may have been going on at the other end of the house. His father had his back turned applying said white stuff to the wall. Little boy sneaks into the room and sits down on the new carpeting. He then proceeds to “play” with the cool white stuff in the pan. At this moment the father turns around to see a large blob of paint rolling down the boy?s leg toward the carpet. In one superman move the father leaps over the dresser and grabs the boy flinging him to the drop cloth. All the while the mother still unaware of any ill doing. The mother thinks that it is way too quiet and wanders to the other end of the house to find the husband holding the boy?s hands in the air as he is c.o.v.e.r.e.d in paint. What do the parents do? Get the camera.
  • While carrying on a “conversation” with the two year old the father asks him a question. The boy?s response, “fo sho.”
  • The boy has learned a new animal sound. When the parents are having a bad moment, day or week they turn to the boy and ask, “What does the frog say?” The response, “Blibit, blibit.”
  • The parents have been working on issues surrounding sleep with their two year old. As a routine they tell the boy no rocking before entering his bedroom. They boy has to tell us all done (or some other verbal clue) that he is done sleeping. The morning after the fancy dinner the husband gets up to tell the boy no rocking. “All done” come as a quiet little whisper from the child?s room. The father goes in and the mother hears, “what the hell” through the baby monitor. The husband brings the boy into the bedroom and he is only wearing a diaper. Either the grandmother forgot to put his pj?s on or the boy Harry Houdinied out of them. I?ll take “my child is an escape artist” for $200 Alex.
  • On a quiet snowy morning the parents were quietly trying to get some blog reading work done. The boy busied himself with something, who knows what. After a prolonged quiet the father gets up to investigate. The father finds the boy in the bathroom sitting in a pile of toilet paper. The father comes to get the mother rather than the camera. Bad father.
  • The other evening the boy sat in the family room listening to music while his parents took a much needed respite and watched a little television. From the other room they hear, “nudie, nudie.” At that moment the boy comes running into the living room sans pants. The parents snort wine out of their noses, and lunge for the camera.

Oh yes. Life is definitely entertaining with a two year old.

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