At least I can post

Thanks for the emails from some of you who woke up this morning and said, “what the hell.”? I appreciate that some of you noticed and cared.? If you have no clue what I’m talking about that’s ok, it’s still mostly a blur to me.

Ironically I was working on my new header (which I’m not 100% sold on, but oh well) and getting ready to start doing the color changes when I received an email from Melissa.? We were discussing the project I am doing for her and said I was going to take a break from working to play with my own site.? Nothing like the last minute eh?? I jokingly said that if she wanted some entertainment she could keep hitting refresh on my site and watch the changes take place.? Normally I make all of the changes on my test site and then upload the final file when I like it.? But last night I was lazy and thought I’d do it live.? Some people get a kick out of it.? Well… that’ll learn me.

I uploaded my css file, made a change and uploaded it again.? I hit refresh on my site to see if I liked the change and oh mah hell.? Site gone, weird error, no undo.? Ok, I’ve had hackers, I’ve screwed up my own site.? I can handle this.? 20 minutes later, still broken.? The trusty husband came home from picking the trusty in-laws up from the airport and found me in tears.? Only dogs could hear me as I tried to explain that I’d broken my website.? 40 minutes after that I finally had to walk away.? At that point I considered not restoring it at all and believing it to be a sign that I should stop blogging.

Derek stayed and tried to figure out what I’d done (we still don’t know) and how to fix it.? We deleted, we reinstalled, we set up new databases, nothing.? He thought he had it figured out only to wake up this morning to realize that wasn’t it.

I spent an hour this morning deleting my site, totally reinstalling wordpress, and calling our hosting company to find out how to restore a backup.? I could see the dashboard, but there wasn’t anything on the main page.? Come to find out, the built in default template for WordPress is broken in the new version.? I had to pick a different template and it was fixed.

Of course I still don’t know what broke it to begin with.? In a panic (which I always do when my site is broken) I deleted everything that wasn’t a subdomain.? Consequently, that deleted 100% of the photos that I’ve ever posted.? Because photos are month and year specific in WP I can’t go back and re-upload them.? I could, but with as many photos as I’ve posted it would take me weeks.? So we start new with photos.

The theme for the month still isn’t finished.? It will have to wait until I have a little free time to work on it.? So don’t leave comments saying you can’t read the sidebar links.? You don’t look at those anyway.

All I care about at this moment is that I can post and I didn’t lose 600 posts and 4300 comments

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  1. Lauri says: Reply

    Bummer.. hope it gets all fixed soon

  2. I like the new theme a lot. Sorry about the headaches. Blogger did that to me when I was trying their (beta) blog list. The whole blog went away. I reinstalled it from a back up and it came back, but boy is it creepy to have it gone. Yuck.

  3. Jenny2 says: Reply

    I am a happy, happy Luddite.

    Congrats on Aunt-Hood!!

  4. Lena says: Reply

    OMG, I was a little bit confused about that word press screen but figure it would be explained later.

    Sorry about the photos and good luck with the rest of the issues.

  5. I hope the problems weren’t related to my email coming in. 🙂 To illustrate what a geek I am, I really did refresh a couple of times after I got your last email. Thought it might be fun to see the work in progress. Sorry it was such a headache, but glad you’re back in business.

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