At an utter loss for words

I have finally hit the MoFoBloPo wall. What’s worse is that I’m not writing this on my own computer so I can’t pull the lazy card and just slap up a photo. That means I have to think and write actual words. Word that when strung together make an actual sentence. You have no clue how hard that is when your brain is fried from a turkey induced stupor. I am so sick of turkey.

In lieu of an actual post you get a link. I only wish I would have come up with this. Cause you know my madd flow chart skillz.

*Check out what I just found.

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  1. I love the charts!

    Something to do with turkey to enjoy later: make up a batch of turkey soup stock (like chicken soup stock) and freeze it in small containers for quick turkey noodle soup this winter. I make homemade chicken soup stock this way, then freeze it in 2 cup containers, then add a box of pre-made chicken stock to fill it out, add rice (or noodles) and veggies, then cook until the rice/noodles are done. The meat is already there, so you can also just warm it up as is and eat if you want to skip the rice/noodles. Tasty, quick, and so worth the effort! Oh, and this way you can get rid of some of that left over turkey so that you won’t be eating leftovers for the next week!

  2. Lena says: Reply

    I see you reach the stage where I decided it was time to take a blogging time-out, of course, I have a selected few as my audience, but it’s been very nice to take a break from daily blogging.

    I suggest you make December as your time-out blogging month, ie only write when you feel like it as you gather your inspirational thoughts doing other stuff (truffles, caramels …. fighting with tangled Christmas lights…)

  3. Ree says: Reply

    Yea, I’ve hit those walls a couple of times this month. Good thing it’s almost over. I can’t wait to reward myself with a truffle or 3.

  4. I’m going to be so incredibly happy when NaBloPoMo is over. I didn’t join it (because I’m not crazy like that) but I’m tired of the posts about being tired of NaBloPoMo. OK. Bitch session over now.

    Very cool about the Go Purple love!

  5. Tru-ffles. Tru-ffles. Tru-ffles.

    BTW — we miss you guys! Haven’t seen you at church lately. The kids were singing your munchkin’s name all the way to church today. See you soon?

  6. Wow. Do you feel famous?

  7. (That was a congrats on the link).

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