Another weekend gone

Hockey, family, hockey, family. ?That was our weekend.

This weekend we celebrated the graduations of two of my cousins. ?There was some kind of baby boom around the 1991-92 mark in my family. ?This year we had 3 (of the ungodly number of grandchildren) in the age range of graduation.

1 was from my mom’s side. ?Saturday we honored Zach for graduating from Tumwater High and tomorrow he starts his life on a career track to become a fire fighter. ?I never thought I’d see the day when this would happen. ?Zach had some complications when he was born and the first few days of his life were nerve wracking. ?Since then he has gone on to amaze every person he’s ever met. ?I’m incredibly proud of him.

Another graduate was from my dad’s side of the family. ?My cousin Dylan graduated from Shelton High and will start schooling in turf grass and golf course management in the fall. ?This is right up Dylan’s alley. ?He’s an amazing athlete, won all kinds of awards from school and is an all around awesome kid.

The last in the line of graduates is my little brother. ?Lil Bro, I learned, is not graduating. ?This doesn’t come as a shock to me. ?Last summer Lil Bro was caught on school grounds with pot. ?He swore up and down that it was his buddy’s and not his. ?He had to go to court, and ?basically was invited not to return to his high school. ?He started the year at the extension school, but I’m unsure if he ever ended the year or simply went the way of many of my family members and dropped out. ?Neither he or my dad showed at today’s party for Dylan. ?Probably because they knew if they showed up I might just punch Lil Bro in the face. ?He deserves it.

I can’t tell you how angry I am at my brother and my dad. ?Lil Bro is a good kid. ?Or at least he was. ?My dad has taken this liaise faire attitude with him that is causing all kinds of problems. ?I know I’m not the parent, but the least my father could do is to kick some sense into my brother so he wouldn’t turn into a damn pot head. ?Which is what has happened.

Now we get to chalk another one up in the line of Kinney high school drop-outs. ?Quality.

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  1. mom says: Reply

    Some DO realize later the importance of going back. Unfortunately… extremely lacking is the probability of encouragement to do such. Sad…

  2. Ugh. So hard to watch those kinds of things happen.

  3. Lena says: Reply

    That sucks. Being the older sister is such a pain in the *** responsibility at times.

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