Another new toy

This week my shiny new copy of Adobe Design Standard CS5 arrived. ?This time the church paid for it so it is even better. ?I wrote previously about how I was so looking forward to it because of the new content aware feature. ?Tonight I spent some time photoshopping stuff. ?Just for fun. ?I tried to pick images that I could erase things from. ?Here are 3 before and afters for you.

The first is of a ferry boat on Puget Sound at sunset. There were lens flares and other stuff obstructing the image…


so I took them out.


The next is the obligatory St. Basil’s shot of Kathou & Paypay. Everyone who has ever been to Red Square will tell you it is impossible to get a photo in front of St. Basil’s without hoards of people in the background.


Now with the magic of Photoshop CS5 you can be the only ones there.


The last picture isn’t very exciting. I grabbed a random image to show the trusty husband what the program can do.


As it turns out, it can make a relatively crappy photo pretty darn good.


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  1. mom says: Reply

    I’ve seen how this program works. Amazing what technology has come up with. Who’d of ever thunk

  2. lauri says: Reply

    awesome and our st basil’s pic has just the two of us… but it was so cold that day

  3. Kathou says: Reply

    You know I want that picture now :o)

  4. kristin says: Reply

    Ohhh I want the upgrade now!!!! So cool!

  5. Joel413 says: Reply

    Several comments:
    1) I love that feature. It rocks.

    2) I’m looking at that St. Basil’s picture and wondering if that’s not from the downhill side of it. Meaning Kremlin to the left; Gum to the right?

    3) I don’t see how Picture 3 was improved? I think it took out the wrong part.

  6. Elle says: Reply

    Joel, the photo of St. Basil’s is right in Red Square. The Gum is to the left. The archway on the right is where you come out after the “tour.”

    I never said photo 3 was national geographic quality.

  7. Willow says: Reply

    holy crap!

  8. Kim says: Reply

    Ooooh, I am soooo jealous!! I want that, I NEED that!!

    They actually used photos that I took of our boys for their passport/visa photos. We took the photo card to a shop and the guy there photoshopped the CRAP out of the pictures. He changed the lighting, he removed the background and got rid of errant locks of hair…all in about 15 seconds!

    I. must. obtain. Photoshop.

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