And the winner is…

Technically there is no winner.? The 100,000th visitor didn’t comment or email me.? Bummer for them.

However, you know I can’t do a contest and not give something away.? So the trusty husband I discussed it and we are going to give the design to Carrie.? Mainly because she was so diligent in trying to win and she was pretty damn close.? And she commented.? Ok, mostly because her son is so damn cute and she really really wants a new look.

Congrats Carrie!? Damn girl, you are on a winning streak!

Now if the 100,000th visitor actually comes forward I’ll think of something.

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  1. Congrats Carrie!

  2. Carrie says: Reply

    Yea!! Thank you so much! Thank you also for not mentioning the embarrassing number of times I refreshed my screen last night trying to win… I really need a hobby!

  3. NEAL says: Reply


    Elle rocks.

  4. but it was me! I…uh…just forgot to take a screen shot. Yeah…that’s the ticket!

    Oh well, I guess I’m not a good liar. Congrats to Carrie and congrats to you for the 100,000 visitors!

    P.S. How was the Chicken Country Captain? What is it?

  5. Carla says: Reply

    I saw it at 100,009 and went to look and saw Carrie’s post. 🙂 I thought she should win if 100,000 didn’t show up. YAY!!!!!!

    so…where do we go to browse to pay for a blog design? 😉 I need 2.

  6. Mom says: Reply

    I’m happy for Carrie. I’m happy for Carrie. I’m happy for Carrie. (Crap!)

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