And the day’s only 1/2 done *Updated

At 7:30 this morning I found myself caffeinated, fed, with my email and blogs checked and nothing else to do. ?After doing some internet surfing to find info for an upcoming camping trip I called it a morning and took a shower. ?After I was dressed and such I looked at the clock: 8:30 a.m. ?I’m usually barely awake by 8:30 let alone ready to go for the day. ?Since I was ready to go I got my day started.

First I sorted through all of the boy’s old clothes (for the 3rd time). ?The plan was to take 2 18 gallon totes to Once Upon A Child to try to sell them. ?Hey, if I could make a little bit off of them it’s better than nothing. ?Once I crammed the bins full I loaded up the rest for the Goodwill along with 1/2 of my wardrobe that I cleaned out last year.

I dropped the bins at the store then continued on to the mall. *shudder* ?I had a mission. ?Return Ice Cream Maker. ?Earlier attempts to fool Costco into taking back my (not purchased there) ice cream maker were foiled when they tried to look up my account and my mother’s account. ?Evidently, Costco is much like Google and tracks everything you have ever purchased. ?Since neither ice cream maker was purchased there (did I mention that I got 2 for my birthday?) they wouldn’t take it. ?Curses. ?So I had to take back one to Macy’s. ?They happily took it back (I’ve never had an issue with returning something to Macy’s) and gave me a gift card for the amount. ?I toted my child around the store looking for something to buy. ?I didn’t want to return either ice cream maker to the stores they were purchased at because I knew I would have a difficult time finding something ?wanted. ?Sure enough, I walked out of Macy’s empty handed. ?Oh, I did find something I did want, but I assure you a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker wouldn’t cover the cost of a Michael Kors handbag (consequently this is the only Michael Kors I’ve ever found that I like).

We moved onto Cash & Carry to pick up containers to hold aforementioned ice cream. ?That was easy.

Then onto the grocery. ?This is where my day took a downhill turn. ?First reason I knew this wouldn’t be a good trip, no list. ?I hate not going to the grocery without a list. ?I texted the trusty husband. ?Maybe he could remember what we needed. ?Stupid Twitter is being stupid so he texted back, but I didn’t get the message. ?Come to find out we needed PAM. ?Oops, didn’t get that. ?But I did buy 2 boxes of brownie mix. ?That makes up for it right?

About 6 people tried to run into me with their carts. ?Then one lady tried to run me over with her car. ?No shit. ?The back of my car is full of stuff to take to the Goodwill. ?I was loading the groceries into the back seat when all of a sudden the door closes on me. ?Wind I thought. ?Then I hear this thunk noise. ?For some reason, the lady parked next to me wasn’t kind enough to wait for me to unload my groceries or didn’t have the courtesy to ask for me to move so she could back out. ?Instead, she decided to run my ass over. ?She backed into my car door closing it on me. ?Then didn’t even apologize for doing so.

On the way home I was cut off by 2 more people. ?I would stay home for the rest of the day, but I have more errands to run. ?Damn.


The rest of the day was fairly mundane. ?I did score $58 for 1/2 of an 18 gallon tote of the boy’s old clothes. ?That went to purchase a new swim suit that didn’t make my ass look like the size of Rhode Island.

Well… it was mundane up until the point where I was watching TV, waiting for the brownies (mmm, brownies) to finish cooking when the trusty husband and I hear, “Ow, Ow, EEEEEE!” come from the back yard. ?Since the child is master of screaming like something is killing him I’ve now begun to decipher between actual imminent death and there is a fly nearby. ?This was close to the former. ?We sprinted to the back yard to the child. ?By that point he was holding a giant piece of asphalt rock and the top of his head.

Gravity is now my son’s worst enemy.

My child has this tendency to throw things up in the air and watch them come down. ?Dirt, pine cones, pine needles… rocks. ?You see where this is going don’t you? ?He originally said it hit his nose. ?There was no mark on his nose. ? When asked again he said, through the wailing, noooo here, pointing to the top of his head. ?I swear that seeing blood pour out of your child’s head is always startling. ? Sure enough, the rock came down smack on the top of his head. ?We have no clue how far up in the air the rock went, but we do know that it was pointy. ?No stitches were needed, but he does have a nasty scab that, while less gross than the teeth thing, is still kinda blicky.

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