An update: bullet style

So I?m lazy and don?t want to do a full fledged post. Mostly because there is a ton on our plates right now.

  • Sunday night our highschoolers threw us (me) a suprise baby shower. We had Sr. High youth group at our house and they brought a cake (told me it was for CS?s birthday) and a Build a Bear for the boy. It is just so stinkin? cute!!! It has a little pair of jeans and a Seahawks sweater on. The pastor?s daughter stuffed it an named it Buddy. Thanks Guys!!!
  • Sunday afternoon we took a jaunt up to the Super Mall to do some shopping. Actually it was to go to Sunglass Butt for a new pair of sunglasses. Unfortunately our outlet mall Sunglass Butt isn?t there anymore. So we went next door to the Southern Based Mega Discount Chain where I scored a swanky new vaccum cleaner. Ok… not so much swanky as cheap and actually cleans without sounding like a dying cat.
  • Yesterday was CS?s birthday. Last year for his birthday he ended up making me dinner because I had just gotten out of the hospital after major surgery. I don?t think I even bought him a card. This year the boy and I brought him a coffee, made Pan Fried Gaelic Steaks, and Oma?s potatoes for dinner. (I?ll post the recipe for Oma?s potatoes one day) We finished off the evening with Irish Coffees.
  • We enjoyed our fabulous birthday dinner with Kathou, Paypay and Chickadee. We had a few baby rumbles between the boy and Chickadee, but we eventually turned on Baby Crack and they settled right down. Gawd I love you Baby Crack!
  • While in the car on the way to CS?s office, with Starbucks in hand, I return the phone call CS made to me while I was in said coffee shop. News not good people. CS?s parents had to call 911 for his 84 year old grandmother. She was not doing so hot yesterday and we ended up having to wait all evening to find out exactly what was wrong. It was anything from a stroke to a urinary tract infection. Turns out she has pneumonia. Not good. So she is in the hospital right now. Please say some prayers for her. The boy and I will likely be trucking it down there so I can spend time at the hospital with her and give CS?s mom a break.
  • Chocolate sales are going well. I will try to post photos of what they look like and how they are packaged when I get a minute. For those that can?t see the buttons, don?t worry I can?t either. Click on the words, “Click Here to Order.” and that will place your order.

That just about catches you up on life in Elle?s world. Please go buy Chocolates!

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