An open letter to television execs

Dear Over paid television execs;

Why do you insist on replacing quality watchable television programs with boring nonsensical crap? For instance, why in the hell would you tease me with 4 weeks of quality programing, LOST, and replace it with stupid junk, Day Break? Who on god?s green earth wants to watch a television show about the same freaking day happening over and over and over? Uh… they did that with a movie. Uh… that movie sucked too. Keep the good programing PLEEEEEEZZZ! I had to spend my summer watching Frodo Philbin and the boring brit on America Seriously Lacks Talent. The least you could do to make up for that blunder is to show a full season of my most favoritest show in the world. But noooo. You have to go an take another 3 month hiatus and show crap!

Why do you also insist on these 1/2 seasons with no re-runs? While I do appreciate the lack of re-runs, I don?t find it necessary to wait for 8 months to see quality comedy television, Scrubs. I would take re-runs over being forced to watch Howie Mandel and a bunch of hoochies tricking dumb people into thinking they could actually win money.

And that is another topic. Gameshows. Gameshows suck. Unless they are old skool Let?s Make a Deal or the Match Game. Even then they are relegated to none other than… The Gameshow Network! Let?s keep it that way shall we?

Why oh why must you cancel every good show on television? I seem to remember a fantastic show called Love Monkey. Hello… this show introduced us to the wonderful sound of Teddy Gieger! And what did you do? You up and canceled it after 2 or 3 episodes. You didn?t even give it a chance!!! And whoa wait a minute. What the hell happened to Smith? Sure it was a little much, but hey… if you are going to tease us with Ray Liotta on a television show. A show where I can see Ray Liotta every. single. week. You best make sure you leave it there. You better just be taking another hiatus with this one. But since it isn?t in your online lineup of shows I am assuming you cancelled it.

And back to the crap programing. Let?s discuss the Nine. I was all excited about this one. Don?t get me wrong. I do Tivo it every week. I also insist on watching it, but I can?t get past the fact that the nerdy guy is none other than Nelix. Doesn?t matter if he?s in make-up or not. He?s Nelix. And irritating.

So execs please, for the love of god, stick to shows that are entertaining or at least have a good “face” value. Say like, Lost, CSI: Las Vegas, Heros, and Scrubs. Cause Zach Braff… kinda cute in a nerdy sorta way.

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