An open apology to my bloggy friends

I would like to apologize to you all if you happen to get weird comments from me on your blogs.  You see… paperwork as suck all the brain capacity from me.  I am resorting to a turrets like state.  Wild twitches, off the cuff foul language.  I really think I am getting dumber by the minute.

But I do have a plan.  A good friend told me that I really need to stop reading message boards.  Of course my mom has been telling me to get away from the computer for months.  So am going to take that little bit of advice.  I am going to once again check out of some of the message boards and engage in a few of my favorite pastimes.  And since drinking alone is frowned upon in most social circles and most of you live too far away from me I will have to resort to quilting and gardening.  My plants are all secretly cheering outside.

So you will continue to get an occasional comment from me. It may be a little funky, but remember I am doing this for your safety not mine.  You have been warned. 

Don’t worry… those of you with designs in the cue… I will get to them.  You want them to look good don’t you?  Well I need a little dendrite fluffing to make that happen.  In the mean time go check out Susie and Sandy’s blogs.  Please forgive me for Sandy’s.  I am still working on it.  I am going to take a hiatus on the new people for a little bit.  I need to do some catching up.  I’ll let you know when I am back in business.

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