An obvious lack of pomp and circumstance

One year ago today I sat in a little kitchen in Khabarovsk, Russia and wrote down the names of everyone I could think of that would be praying for us. I feasted on a breakfast of oatmeal and coffee. I was so nervous. Later that morning Lena and Andrei would be coming to pick us up to take us to the court house for the biggest moment of our married life. We were about to sit in front of a judge and have to justify why we wanted a child. Or rather this child in particular.

We were questioned about our finances, our ability to parent, our jobs, our whole lives. One hour later a squat man came in and pronounced us parents of Oleg Viktorovich Tarenenko theretofore be named Oleg* Roy Lindholm. There was no pomp and circumstance. A verdict was read and we were ushered out. Thinking about that particular moment in life makes me cry.

I remember coming out of the elevator to see Kathou and Paypay waiting for us. I hugged Kathou so hard and we both proclaimed that we were officially mothers. Something we both had waited so long for.

I laid in bed that night and thought that this was the last time it would just be Derek and I. The next day our lives would be changed forever.

Today I can’t believe it has been a year. I have moments when it seems like Oleg has been with us forever and then moments when I don’t want the first year to be over with. Our lives have certainly changed. I can’t imagine it any other way.

*Please pronounce it correctly. AH-leg not OH-leg.? He will correct you if you are wrong.

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  1. Happy one year anniversary to you and your family!

  2. Congratulations!

  3. You and Derek are wonderful parents, and “Ah-leg” obviously loves you as well!

  4. Jenny says: Reply

    Okay I never knew it was “ah” leg. swear!

    WOW!!! 1 year. Crazy. Just crazy. You were in Russia and we were in the process of switching agencies. We sent in the application/dossier and giant check 1 year ago today. What a big day for lots of folks.

    much love on this special day-Jenny (jens)

  5. DebiP says: Reply

    what a special memory was made one year ago…and how fondly you are remembering it…these posts always bring a tear to my eye…congrats on your special special day

  6. Mom says: Reply

    We are both sooooo happy for you and D! It too can make me teary eyed when I think of that day. Your son and our grandson is loved beyond measure and he will always carry that knowledge in his heart. I’m gonna make damn sure of it!
    Babada and Dedu

  7. It’s a great ride, isn’t it? Thanks for the past year of posting. It’s been a great resource to me.

  8. It’s weird how you wait so long and then when it finally happens it feels so normal, right? Thanks for navigating the waters, it’s nice to see what I’ll be up against in the next year.

  9. Bev says: Reply

    Dad and I have been thinking of you guys on this most important day in your lives . . . and ours! A year already – so many changes in our precious Oleg’s little life as well as yours!! I remember getting the first pictures of him at Sea-Tac airport since I was with Bunny in KS – such changes in 12 months. Both you and Derek have brought great joy and given so much love to your son . . . we see it reflected in his bright blue eyes and sweet smile and his delightful “polite words”! I remember meeting him for the first time when we brought back Bunny to live with us – his smile just beginning and not going all the way to eyes! Now his eyes “smile,” too and the “belly laugh” that comes from his secureness in your love and care makes Dad and I laugh thru this peculiar “wetness” that wells up in our eyes when we hear our little guy let the world know he KNOWS how much he’s loved!
    Our prayer for all 3 of you is that you will continue to grow as a family in love for each other and in your trust in a faithful God to bless your family always. So “kee-new” from Papa and Grammy for listening to your hearts and trusting in God to bring you the special child that is our darling Oleg! Much, much love – Mom and Dad YOU ROCK!!!

  10. Jenny2 says: Reply

    Ahl-right, I will! What a very lucky boy. And lucky parents, too.

  11. kate says: Reply

    The happily-ever-after to your “adopt an elephant” story keeps me hopeful. ;> Thanks, Elle, for sharing.

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