An informal invitation

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a woman who lives in Moscow offering assistance with any translation services Sweet Hope might need. ?Now I get quite a few requests from people asking for money and the like, but I’ve rarely been offered assistance. ?At first I was skeptical, but upon further investigation I realized that this is 1) an actual person willing to help and 2) she was volunteering. ?We like volunteers around these parts.

It just so happens that this translator contacted me right after we received the newspaper article from Galina. ?I had done my rough translation of the article, but I still wanted to know exactly what it said. ?I offered this to Samantha for translation along with the hand written thank you not from the Mirnoe Director. ?This morning I received an email from Samantha with the translation of the thank you note.

Respectfully Lisa and Derek –

The staff and pupils of Mirnensky Social Shelter for children and young adults
thank you and your American friends for rendering your help.? We invite you
to be our guest.

Director Vorobtsova

Galina had expressed that she and the Slavyanka women would like me to com visit, but she hadn’t said anything about Natalia mentioning it. ?She had only told me that she wanted to take me out to Mirnoe orphanage to see it. ?It is so sweet to see that the have invited us to come. ?I wish I could. ?I have bags of hats, gloves and shoes in my garage (oh please please won’t you donate more) that I would like to hand deliver. ?However, at the moment all of my extra cash is being used for an upcoming trip to China. ?It is nice to know that we’re welcome.

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