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I have about a million posts that I need to write, but just haven?t had the time to do so. Here you go… you get them all in one.

Chocolate Sales:

There are 11 more days to order your candy for the holidays!

We have 6 boxes of mixed, 3 boxes of Orange-Ginger, 2 boxes of Candy Cane, 2 boxes of Hazelnut and 3 boxes of Grand Marnier left! There are an unlimited amount of caramels left.

We have a goal of selling out these boxes and giving a $300 gift to someone. (this isn?t a ton, but trust me it helps) Right now we are at $200. So tell your friends and family, buy some for yourself. Help us help another adoptive family!


Boy Update:

Think we are starting to suffer the effects of the boy?s first cold. He wakes up every morning hacking and coughing and is generally a cranky little boy. Of course the crankiness could be a result of him thinking Fruity Cheerios are a food group and his parents insisting that he eat something healthy prior to the said O?s. Otherwise everything else is going well.

Besides the fact that I just walked out of my office to check on my too quiet child. Outside of my office door was one of my turtlenecks… covered in cat puke. Evidently the cat threw up in the family room and my angelic son grabbed my WHITE turtleneck off the couch and attempted to clean it up. Then nicely deposited the now dirty shirt outside of my office door. Lovely. Did I mention I had just pulled the shirt out of the dryer last night AND there was a pile of towels on the couch in the familiy room that he overlooked.


Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup:

This isn?t a dish I make for Thanksgiving. I usually only make it for CS?s birthday or really special occasions since well… I?m lactose intolerant and I love this dish. Those 2 do not go together.

Oma?s Potatoes*

Peel and cube up as many potatoes as you want (just depends on how many you want to feed)

Put them in a Corningware dish or other round baking dish. (I have fancy bakewear with matching lids) Cover potatoes with heavy whipping cream and season with salt and pepper. (yes heavy whipping cream, don?t skimp on this one, you WILL regret it) Put a lid on the pan and bake at 375ish until the potatoes are fork tender. Don?t know how long this takes, depends on your amount of potatoes. Make sure to put a baking sheet under the dish since they have a tendency to boil over and make a smoky mess of your house. Once the potatoes are fork tender remove the lid to brown the top and reduce the liquid slightly. Viola! (oddly Oma?s name) You have Oma?s potatoes.

*This recipe is not recommended for anyone who may be lactose intolerant or has a heart condition.


I caved:

After reading Jen?s and Michelle?s posts about being a bad blogger I caved. I finally got the majority of blogs I read hooked up on an RSS feed. I decided to use Sage since it is a Mozilla plugin and I don?t need yet another email coming into my box. This of course means I need to be sitting at my computer to get the updates, but hey it?s a step in the right direction. I am not guaranteeing I will comment more often, but at least I don?t eat up what could be valuable commenting time clicking through blogs of people who don?t update regularly

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