All I do is bitch

I realize many of my parenting related posts involve me bitching about my child. I never wanted to be one of those parents. It is a distinct possibility that I had the Utopian idea that my child would poop rose petals and be the ever compliant toddler. Yes, I had delusions of grandeur. I know that. Deep down inside I knew there would be temper tantrums in the middle of the supermarket. I knew I would say “no” more times in one day than most childless people would say in an entire lifetime. But like many emotions I tried to push those ideas down and suppress them. That is until they come bubbling up to the surface as you see a full cup of milk come flying at your head. The less than glamorous parts of parenting rear their ugly heads as your child smacks you in the face, you put him in time-out and he gets off the naughty chair just to smack you in the face again because you told him he has now lost his fan privilege for the rest of the morning.

Parenting isn’t glamorous. It is a dirty job, but somehow we love to do it. For those who think all I do is bitch about my child you have it quite wrong. The bitching is the part I write about. I try to tell the truth about parenting. Sure there are the days we are walking through the grocery and the boy points out letters and numbers at random and actually recognizes them. You get that brief instant of, Hey! I actually taught him something. That blissful moment is usually interrupted by, “cookie, peez.” I’m sorry baby, you ate all the cookies. Followed quickly by screaming.

The bitching makes for interesting stories. Or at least makes for a learning point for the next person. At the very least it is a support network to know that you aren’t the only one who’s child throws a fit in the middle of church.

We do have more good days than bad. The boy is a very good child and quite funny. He likes to entertain himself, but would rather I play the same 4 puzzles with him all. day. long. He is so stinking cute when he sleeps that I could just sit there and watch him sleep all night. I love the fact that he loves music. I love his little high pitched voice. I love his inflection while telling me, “all done haircut!” I even love the fascination with fans or things that go round and round. I love that he now asks for help instead of perseverating on a problem he can’t solve. I love that some mornings he lays in his bed and makes shower sounds instead of rocking. I even love it when he cries because I am leaving to go to work. I love that he is making progress. It is slow progress, but it is progress nonetheless.

So while I may bitch here and there just know, underneath it all I love my son more than I can ever say. There aren’t enough words to express the love I have for this one little person.

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  1. Mary says: Reply

    Well said! It is a dirty job with no pay, but I’m not job searching!

  2. Leggy says: Reply

    I don’t think you complain or bitch too much. Parenting is very hard, and you talk about that, but in a humorous, entertaining way.

  3. mom says: Reply

    Welcome to parenthood. We of older status feel the same way about our own children but the universal sounding board of blogging was not there through our own trials and tribulations!I think perhaps this new tool is the greatest invention ever. New parents can read and relate to all that bitching and all the while realize they’re not alone. Does this mean we don’t love our kids? Of course not!! Your heart is brimming with love and the toughest job you will ever encounter will be convincing not others but your own children of this.
    Parenting can be rough… but rewarding in riches that go beyond measure. So with that being said…ENJOY. They grow up way too fast!!!!!!!
    Proud Grandma

  4. Honestly, it would get dull if all you had to say was how wonderful your darling boy is. And bitching makes for much funnier stories. (I don’t really see it as bitching…I see it more as dry wit about your child’s idiosyncracies.) A cup flying at your head is a much more entertaining anecdote than your child carrying his plate to the counter when he is finished.

    And is it wrong that I laughed at the losing of fan priviledges? Hehe…sorry, strikes me funny.

  5. Candy says: Reply

    I know you love your little O so much it is just venting which is a good thing, plus some of your mommy stories are too funny and we all can relate:)

  6. I was just thinking today that my blog sounds like I don’t even like my kids and I didn’t mean to give that impression but really it’s when they stress me out that I write about them!

    I don’t think you complain too much and your love for your son comes shining through in every post. 🙂

  7. Lauri says: Reply


    I can so relate to that post… of loving someone so much that it hurts, finding them so dang adorable & sweet you want to nibble on them and then being so frustrated with the toddler moments.. your right its more good than bad but we all need to talk about all aspects openly and honestly

    or we can just keep posting about our hair… Its a crapshoot.. either way I will still come and read what you have to say… I can so relate as a fellow toddler Mom

  8. Someone complained that you were bitching? Silly rabbits. What they call bitching I call damn funny stories about the reality of parenting. I wouldn’t trade seamonkey for all the haagen daas in the world, but I still don’t like it when he sneezes his peas on me.

  9. I almost didn’t get past the “poop rose petals” comment because I was laughing so much. But I’m glad I did. Good post. Even in posts where you’re lamenting something that’s hard, your love for the little guy shines through.

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