Oh hai!  Remember me?  The lady that writes this blog.  Yep, that’s the one.  I finished.  A day early.  Did you hear me?


That’s right.  I said it, I finished the largest project I’ve ever done in my life, short of adopting a child from Russia.  And I did it A DAY EARLY.  Really, it bears repeating.  Granted, I still have to sit here and wait for the postman to show up and make a few deliveries, but I don’t have to do anything else.

So you want to know some numbers?  I bet you do.  If not, you get them anyway.

Our gross sales plus donations were $7646.  Our profit is $6023.  We are still only sending $3000 to Mirnoe.  I know that may seem disappointing, but there is a reason.  1) that is what the board approved and 2) we have some large upcoming expenses in 2011 that we will need the money for.  Things like the 501c3 and filing our articles of incorporation.  We also would like to put on another non candy related event in 2011 and need the seed money for that.  Basically, we are becoming a real business with operating expenses.

Here are some more numbers.

I made 4790 truffles and 2684 caramels.  I did it with the help of 18 volunteers.  We boxed 740 individual boxes of candy to make up 140 individual orders.  78 boxes are getting mailed.  The rest were picked up or will be delivered.

Even more numbers:

14 pounds of butter

7 gallons of heavy cream

3 large bottles of corn syrup

1+ gallon of sweetened condensed milk

12 pounds of brown sugar

4 boxes of candy canes and

157 pounds of chocolate

has passed through this kitchen.

Most everyone stayed healthy.  The first day of candy making I had an allergy attack and the boy came down with a cold yesterday.  Otherwise it was fairly flawless.  There was the great Madras Curry Truffle incident of week #2 and the supposed we thought we made too many honey truffle scandal of Sunday #1, but nothing we couldn’t handle.  Or I should say, nothing a little booze couldn’t fix.

What worked?  The countless volunteers.  I couldn’t have done it without them.  A very well thought out schedule of events.  The use of a very large kitchen for one day.

What didn’t work?  Not enough curry powder and the curry powder supplier being in Seattle.  Trying to do truffles and caramels on the very large kitchen day.  It worked, but I’m not sure I’ll do that again.  Me working 2 jobs.

How did the brood of animals do?  Wonderful.  Busy was annoying as always, but she got to go to doggy daycare once a week.  The kittens…  They like tissue paper, and boxes, and bags.  For the most part they stayed out of the way, but trying to do any computer work with them around is nearly impossible.

In the end, I’m done.  A DAY EARLY.

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  1. Lena says: Reply

    Way to go!

  2. Joel says: Reply

    I could not be prouder and more excited.

  3. Wendy says: Reply

    Awesome job! You deserve a huge pat on the back!!!!!!!

  4. Ronda says: Reply

    Congratulations!! What an amazing job you’ve done. Can’t wait for my candy.

  5. Mary says: Reply

    Mine arrived today and I know they are going to be awesome. I am not permitting myself to even open the priority box until I finish more Christmas wrapping and cards. Not quite sure how long I will last though…

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