Adventures in potty training

There comes a time in every parent?s life when they must help their child shed the dependency of the diaper. For some this is sooner (or later) than others. For us it is now.

We wanted to put off potty training for a while to attempt to preserve a bit of the boy?s babyhood, but when he came to me the other day and said, “poo poo poo, all done.” that was my indicator that is was time to give it a try. He is fascinated by the potty. Yes, he does accompany me to the toilet nearly every time I go. For those of you that are shy when it comes to peeing in front of another human… get over it.

I tried putting the boy on the potty last week, but we didn?t have a proper potty chair. This is not something that we had purchased and seeing as I had a baby shower this last weekend we decided putting off buying one until after the shower. So last week I held the boy on the potty and told him to push the poo poo out. To his credit he really did try, but to no avail. He did pee once though. It was a bit difficult seeing as we had to hold him over the toilet.

Luckily we received a potty seat as one of our shower gifts! It is the Saftey 1st potty chair and this thing is slick! It has a seat that fits on the regular potty and then the base becomes a step stool. There is a guard for little boys and it has its own lid. We decided to forgo the stand alone potty since neither of us was too into emptying it.

This afternoon I put the boy on the potty before naptime and no go. He woke up from his nap still dry so I put him on again. This time we had pee!! Good job little boy!

I know that potty training doesn?t sound like a big deal to you guys but to us it is. They tried to tell us in Russia that he was potty trained. This was soooo not the case. We did try to put him on the potty, but at the time he just screamed. It was like it was horribly traumatic for him. From what I have read they often will take the whole group of children and put them on their pottys and leave them until they go. Poor babies. So when the boy gets excited about the potty and will go… big deal! Now I just need to get him to ask me to go.

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