Adoption, Explosions and Headers: Oh My!

Last night we attended a fund raiser dinner for Ibsen Adoption Network*. This particular organization gave us a grant, in 2005, to help bring our son home. About half way through the event I realized that every person in that room was there to support adoption. I was totally awestruck. The boy was the only Ibsen child actually in attendance although there were a few Ibsen families there. We had a fantastic evening. We walked away with a tow behind bike trailer for the boy**, a glass vase and a dinosaur basket. Of course we only bid on the vase. Ok, I bid on a quilt (that I totally could make) and made the trusty husband hover around it until the bidding ended, but some lady snuck in behind him and out bid me. I was a little miffed. Oh well, guess I have to make one myself now. I have no clue how much was raised at the event, but they did what they call a bidding frenzy where the auctioneer called out a dollar amount and you held up your card if you wanted to donate that amount. In that frenzy alone they raised over $15,000. The goal of the organization is to award at least $75,000 in grants this year. That is a ton of kids.

It’s Sunday so you get no segues.

I was working on a sewing project*** yesterday afternoon and all of a sudden the lights flickered. This isn’t so unusual. Our house is old and that happens all the time when the beer fridge kicks on. However, this time a few seconds later something rattled our house. I mean rattled! Shook all the windows, pictures and even the garage door. Seriously, it sounded like a car hit our house. I made the trusty husband go out to the garage to make sure a shelf hadn’t given way or something. Every thing was where it was supposed to be. This morning we were doing our usual blog reading and Derek comes in to ask if I’d read Exit 133 yet. I did, but only skimmed it. Ok, I just checked out the photo that Lil’ Chickadee took when we were at Terry’s Berries yesterday. He said read it again. The thing that rattled our house yesterday was a propane tank exploding at the Atlas Foundry down in the Nalley Valley. Here is a video of it. (let the whole thing load and then start it about 2/3 way through. The whole video is about 5 minutes long) We live about 3 miles from this place.

Still no good transitions…

We did the drawing for the free header this morning. The lucky winner is Jenny2 of Anonymous Boxer. I put everyone’s names into a hat (actually a box) and make the trusty husband pull one out. It was totally random. So Jenny it’s all yours!


Gah, I suck.

*They only give money to WA State Residents. So if you live in WA and are adopting apply!

**We now own a bike trailer, but neither the trusty husband nor I own bikes. Mine got stolen a few years back and the trusty husband’s is in need of a serious overhaul that would cost more than a new bike.

***I’m making 40 gagillion Steve the Cats for our church bazaar.? So if you live in the south sound area and want your very own Steve let me know.

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  1. I demand a re-draw and next time draw my name. Great, thanks.

    I’m sorry the Evil Quilt Bidding Lady won, you totally should have won.

  2. Carla says: Reply

    sounds like a great auction…but I have to ask…what do the asterisks go to? ** by the boy and *** by your sewing project…

    scary on that explosion. WOW

  3. Jenny2 says: Reply

    I demand a re-draw too! Oh, wait I won. So not worthy, but there is no way I’m turning this down. Now I just have to figure out how blogger works. Thanks!!!

  4. Mom says: Reply


  5. you know i live in WA state, but that site said they only give out grants for SN… did they change that or something?? obviously your son was not SN, as far as i can tell! : P oh well.

  6. Harlequin "King" Jetta says: Reply

    We heard that boom as well, all the way out on the hill with no sidewalks.

    I’m glad to hear the fundraiser went well. Fun to see you at the pumpkin patch earlier in the day.

  7. chou2 says: Reply

    I heard about that explosion! Had no idea you were so close…

  8. Joel413 says: Reply

    3 miles… bah, try maybe almost a mile, and still groggy from a nap with the whee ones. OMGWTF was that!!! Pictures needed to be straightened. Any closer and i’m sure we’d have had broken glass and singed eyebrows!

  9. serena says: Reply

    Cool! I think I applied to them. I applied everywhere and got nada. Oh well. Glad to hear someone did!

  10. Jenny says: Reply

    What’s a Steve the Cat? Do I want one? I’m sure I want one.

    And genetics can be comepletely overrated. Look at my kid. Cursed with a big nose on both sides….unfair life.

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