Adieu, Sweet Bunny

CS?s father called this evening to say that Bunny had passed away. Just last night we were talking about bringing her home. Friday night we visited her in the hospital and I told her I expected her for Thanksgiving dinner. She smiled sweetly and said she planned to be there. She will be. Then she dismissed us from her hospital room and told us to go take care of that sweet little boy, he was more important.

Forever thinking of others before herself. That was Bunny.

In fact that was both of CS?s grandparents. They were called Popo and Bunny. Popo died of cancer in 1997. He told his oncologist that they could do Chemo that was fine but they better finish up quickly because his grandson was getting married in Washington and he wasn?t going to miss it. He finished up his treatments and drove from Kansas to Washington for our wedding in August of 1996. He died the following April. The whole family flew out to Kansas for Christmas in 96. I love those photos.

When Popo and Bunny came out here once Bunny got sick. Popo would not leave her side. He sat in the bedroom next to her all day and night.

Bunny had congestive heart failure. She suffered her first heart attack long before CS and I ever met each other. She was a tiny little woman and frankly we didn?t expect her to out live her husband or either of her sisters. But man was she ever strong. She lived alone until just 6 weeks ago. CS?s mom flew out to Kansas the week after we left to get the boy. She spent 6 weeks there packing and cleaning out Bunny?s house preparing to move her out here.

We all got to spend some much needed quality time with her before she died. She was even able to meet her sweet great-grandson. He loved to play dollies with her. Earlier this week we went down to CS?s parent?s house to make dinner and as we walked in the door the boy smiled and headed down the hall, “Bun-dun, Bun-dun.” He was looking for Bunny.

Popo and Bunny were two of the sweetest most genuine people I have ever met. They taught their family to love books, nature, and mostly family.

Adieu Sweet Bunny. We?ll be looking forward to having you for Thanksgiving Dinner.

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