A year in the life

I must say that I am blatantly stealing this post idea from Suzanne. I am doing so because it is a fantastic idea and it is partially my way of letting Suz know how much I admire her. I appreciate her distant friendship more than she probably knows.

So a few weeks ago she posted a “sticky” with the question “what do you want to know.” Granted her children are much older than mine and she adopted 2 at the same time, but I am constantly getting questions too. So here is your opportunity. What do you want to know? September 5th will mark our 1st Gotcha Day. One whole year of being a family of 3. It has been challenging and rewarding. But what about our last year, the boy’s progress, our lives would you like to know. I’ll hopefully get around to your questions sometime on the 5th, but we do have family time planned for that afternoon.

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  1. What do you like about being a Mom?

    What does Trusty Son do that just melts your heart?

  2. oh, and thx for the sweet words 🙂

  3. What surprised you most after first becoming a mother?

  4. Lauri says: Reply

    Did things come as naturally for you as you thought they would? what has been the biggest challenge? The best high & lowest low?

  5. DebiP says: Reply

    How do you feel different? Is DH the father you thought he would be…how is he better or worse..

    this is a great idea…

  6. Jenny says: Reply

    MY LORD. 1 freaking year?

  7. Tricia says: Reply

    How is Pickle’s vocabulary coming along? Does he know his nickname is Pickle?

  8. Jenny2 says: Reply

    Congrats for so many reasons.

  9. Has it really been a year?!?! WOW!! Time is flying! It was a year for us in May and I cannot believe that this much time has passed. I love reading your blog. Congratulations!!


  10. Ronda says: Reply

    Congratulations on a whole year. We’ve been home just short of a month and it’s a ball but tough. Was it more or less work than you imagined? How is Pickle doing on his speech? Did he speak Russian at all when you picked him up? Our two understand Russian very well but spoke almost nothing. So far they have about 4-8 words each in English.


  11. What moment over the last year do you wish you could freeze and time to relive whenever you wanted?

  12. or “freeze in time” if you aren’t typing impaired.

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